WASHINGTON, D.C.—Sacral neuromodulation with InterStim Therapy is safe and well tolerated as a treatment for patients with overactive bladder and those with urinary retention, French investigators reported at the American Urological Association 2011 annual meeting.

Emmanuel Chartier-Kastler, MD, of Paris, and his colleagues conducted a prospective observational study that included 165 patients with OAB or urinary retention (mean age 59 years, 85% female) who underwent permanent implantation of a neurostimulator for sacral neuromodulation at their medical center between 1996 and July 2010.

The investigators evaluated baseline and follow-up voiding diary variables, clinical improvement, and patient satisfaction. They also analyzed the impact of age, gender, disease duration and diagnosis (neurogenic or non-neurogenic), and implantation methodology (one or two stage implant) on clinical outcomes.

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Results showed that 65.8% of patients were satisfied at 0-12 months, 67.5% were satisfied at 12-60 months, and 75.0% were satisfied at 60 months or longer follow-up. 

The study revealed no significant differences in satisfaction between OAB and retention patients or those with neurogenic and non-neurogenic dysfunction. The researchers observed a significantly greater clinical improvement with two-stage implants compared with one-stage implants.