PHILADELPHIA—Delayed graft function (DGF) requiring more than one-time dialysis is associated with increased death risk, according to findings presented at the 2011 American Transplant Congress.

In a group of 831 renal transplant recipients, 212 (25.5%) had DGF—which is defined as the requirement for dialysis within the first week after transplantation—and 75 of them (35.4%) had required only one-time dialysis. The other 137 required more than one-time dialysis.

Patients requiring more than one-time dialysis had a 42% increased risk of death, after adjusting for recipient, donor, and transplanted related characteristics, Randy Sung, MD, Surgical Director, Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation, and Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Michigan in Arbor, told attendees. Patients requiring only one-time dialysis had outcomes similar to those of patients with no DGF.

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Dr. Sung and his colleagues concluded that a better definition of DGF to reflect its impact on clinical outcomes is needed.