Digital Ad Specs


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GENERAL GUIDELINES Important Information
  • HTML 5 banners are supported and preferred for all platforms
  • All creatives are subject to final approval by Haymarket Media Inc.
  • All material must be submitted at least 2-3 working days prior to campaign launch
RICH MEDIA Expandables The Expanding creative is a fixed ad unit with the added capability of expanding over the page in response to user interaction (either via click or roll over). Must be 3rd party hosted. If you do not have the capability, a free rich media tool can be provided via Doubleclick Studio.
Page Peel The page peel tears down on roll-over for up to 8 seconds offering a massive canvas to our advertisers. On subsequent impressions the persistent dog ear will display in the upper right hand corner.
  • Haymarket provides the peel element; all functionally must be removed.
  • Client need only supply two creatives below and one clickthrough URL.
Rising Stars
  • Creative    Accepted?
  • Flim Strip    Yes
  • Portrait       Yes
  • Pushdown   Yes
  • Side kick    Yes
  • Slider          Yes
  • Billboard     No
RICH MEDIA     (continued) Prestitial Prestitials are full-page ads that are displayed before the homepage loads. This large, dramatic high-impact banner allows your message to be seen by each visitor to the site.
Pushdown The pushdown unit begins as a 1000×30 banner that expands to a 970×418 canvas that pushes the page content down, grabbing the user’s attention before retracting back to 1000×30.
VIDEO Pre-Roll Video
  • Frame Rate: Same as source of 1/2 of source (15-30 fps)
  • Length: 15 seconds
  • Bite Rate: 352 kbps
  • Tracking: 3rd party 1×1 impression tracking
  • click tracking via click command URL
  • Clickable: Yes, please provide click through URL
  • Companion and leave-behind: Cannot be 3rd party hosted
  • Submission: Need to submitted as http://url to call FLV file
  • Hosting: NOT supported via Haymarket Media, Inc
Video on Website
  • File size: under 5MB
  • File type: m4v or h264
  • Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9
  • Hosting: Can be hosted by client if the player is provided, otherwise Haymarket can host the file
  • HTML5, gif, jpg, png for still images, Animated gif for animations
Mobile App (Third party ads are served and supported by DFP Premium) iPhone and Smartphones:
  • HTML5, gif, jpg, png for still images, Animated gif for animations
iPads and Tablets:
  • HTML5, gif, jpg, png for still images, Animated gif for animations
  • Please note that the top 46 px of the ad will have shading for the “close” button over the ad.
  • There is no timeout on mobile prestitials, all prestitial ads will be closed by the user.
IAB Rising Stars—Mobile
  • Filmstrip
  • Pull
  • Adhesion Banner
  • Full Page Flex
  • Slider
See for specs and style guide
Tap to Series
Third party hosted files:
  • Tap to Apps
  • Tap to Dial
  • Tap to Download
  • Tap to Maps
  • Tap to Video
Haymarket hosted files:
  • Tap to Dial
  • Tap to Download
  • Tap to Apps
FLASH Flash “clickTag” AS2 Specs In order for Haymarket Media Inc. to properly track and report clicks with site served flash ads, please ensure all ads have the clickTag properly implemented. Adobe/ Macromedia currently recommends a “clickTag” method to track clicks for flash ads. This method uses variables to pass the click tracking string and URL into the Flash creative movies.
  • Transparent Button object layered on top of clickable area
  • Button clickthrough URL: _level0.clickTag (underscore level ZERO period clickTag)
  • Target window is set to “_blank”
  • Active Clickthrough URLs must accompany submission of flash files in .txt/.xls file
Flash “clickTag” AS3 Specs
    Create the button
  • Transparent Button object layered on top of clickable area
    Add the ActionScript to the button
  • Create a new layer, select the first keyframe in the layer and activate the Actions panel.
  • Copy and paste the code below. This defines the on click function. This function will be called upon once your button is clicked:
Use the following code to connect the function above to the button you created. This tells flash what to do once the button is clicked. This code can be placed anywhere in your Actionscript code, but makes sense to attach it to your button layer. (In AS3, you can no longer attach Actionscript to the button itself, only to the layer): myButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onButtonClick);
SKIN SPECIFICATIONS The Skin allows an advertiser to take the place of the background on one page of a website. It can be combined with an advertising takeover to effectively promote brand awareness. The Skin is best optimized for the target audience with a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. Design of standard ad units may be used to integrate with the Skin to maximize the campaign effectiveness. NOTES:
  • Haymarket Media requires that all creative be submitted five (5) business days to allow testing and approval prior to launch date.
  • Please ensure that all the above specifications are met. Creative assets that do not meet all of our specifications will be rejected, potentially affecting the launch date of the campaign.
  • If you have any further questions regarding campaign tracking for this placement, please contact your Haymarket Media representative.
For more information, please contact: [email protected]