Indications for: XALATAN

Open-angle glaucoma. Ocular hypertension.

Clinical Trials:

Among patients with mean baseline intraocular pressure (IOP) of 24-25mmHg, treatment with Xalatan for 6 months resulted in 6-8mmHg reductions in IOP. The IOP reduction with Xalatan 0.005% dosed once daily was found to be equivalent to the effect observed with timolol 0.5% dosed twice daily.

A 3-year open label, prospective safety study with a 2 -year extension phase was conducted to evaluate the progression of increased iris pigmentation with Xalatan use. The analysis was based on 380 patients who continued in the extension phase. Results showed the onset of noticeable increased iris pigmentation occurred within the first year of treatment for the majority of patients.

Signs of increasing iris pigmentation continued throughout the 5 years of the study. Reduction in IOP was similar regardless of the development of increased iris pigmentation.

Adult Dosage:

1 drop in the affected eye(s) once daily in the PM.

Children Dosage:

Not recommended.

XALATAN Warnings/Precautions:

Do not exceed recommended dose (may reduce efficacy). Ocular inflammation. Aphakia. Pseudophakia with torn posterior lens capsule. Risk for macular edema. History of herpetic keratitis. Contact lenses (remove; may reinsert lenses 15mins after administration). Pregnancy. Nursing mothers.

XALATAN Classification:

Prostaglandin analogue.

XALATAN Interactions:

Allow at least 5mins between application of other topical oph agents.

Adverse Reactions:

Blurred vision, burning, stinging, conjunctival hyperemia, foreign body sensation, itching, increased ocular pigmentation (eg, iris, eyelid, eyelashes; may be permanent), punctate keratitis, other eyelash/lid changes, photophobia, upper respiratory tract infection, pain, angina, rash; intraocular inflammation, macular edema (including cystoid macular edema).



Drug Elimination:

Renal.Half-life: 17 minutes


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