Viral infections:

Indications for: VIRAZOLE

Severe lower respiratory infections due to respiratory syncytial virus in hospitalized infants and young children.

Adult Dosage:

Not recommended.

Children Dosage:

Begin treatment preferably within first 3 days of infection. 20mg/mL as starting solution in drug reservoir for continuous aerosol administration for 12–18 hours per day for 3–7 days.

VIRAZOLE Contraindications:

Pregnancy (Cat.X).

Boxed Warning:

Should be undertaken only by experienced physicians and support staff. Sudden deterioration of respiratory function in infants. Not indicated for use in adults.

VIRAZOLE Warnings/Precautions:

See full labeling. Monitor respiratory function, fluid status. Discontinue if sudden deterioration of respiratory function. Use with mechanical ventilators should be undertaken only by physicians and support staff familiar with this mode of administration. Drug may precipitate in mechanical ventilator, causing dysfunction. Avoid unnecessary occupational exposure. Nursing mothers.

VIRAZOLE Classification:

Nucleoside analogue.

VIRAZOLE Interactions:

Monitor digitalis.

Adverse Reactions:

Pulmonary function deterioration, bronchospasm, pulmonary edema, hypoventilation, bacterial pneumonia, pneumothorax, apnea, ventilator dependence, atelectasis, cardiac arrest, hypotension, reticulocytosis, hemolytic anemia, rash, conjunctivitis.

How Supplied: