Ocular infections:

Indications for: TOBREX OPH OINT

Susceptible infections of conjunctiva and cornea.

Adults and Children:

<2mos: not established. ≥2mos: Mild to moderate infections: 1–2 drops every 4hrs or ½ inch of ointment 2–3 times daily. Severe infections: 2 drops every hr or ½ inch of ointment every 3–4hrs until improvement; then reduce before discontinuing.

TOBREX OPH OINT Warnings/Precautions:

Discontinue if superinfection or hypersensitivity occurs. Remove contact lenses before using. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers: not recommended.

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TOBREX OPH OINT Classification:


TOBREX OPH OINT Interactions:

Concomitant systemic aminoglycosides: monitor levels.

Adverse Reactions:

Localized ocular toxicity, lid itching/swelling, conjunctival erythema, hypersensitivity; oint: may retard corneal healing.

How Supplied:

Soln—5mL; Oint—3.5g