Pituitary disorders:

Indications for: SUPPRELIN LA

Central precocious puberty.

Adult Dosage:

Not applicable.

Children Dosage:

<2yrs: not recommended. ≥2yrs: Insert 1 implant SC in the inner aspect of the upper arm. Remove after 12 months; may replace. Consider discontinuing at appropriate time point for onset of puberty.

SUPPRELIN LA Contraindications:


SUPPRELIN LA Warnings/Precautions:

Use aseptic technique. Initial transient rise in gonadotropins and sex steroids may result in increased signs/symptoms of puberty. Monitor for pseudotumor cerebri or psychiatric symptoms. History of seizures/epilepsy, cerebrovascular disorders, CNS anomalies or tumors: risk of convulsions. Monitor LH, FSH, and estradiol or testosterone at 1 month post implantation, then every 6 months thereafter. Assess height and bone age every 6–12 months. Nursing mothers.

SUPPRELIN LA Classification:

GnRH agonist.

SUPPRELIN LA Interactions:

May interfere with pituitary gonadotropic and gonadal function tests. Caution with concomitant drugs that are associated with convulsions (eg, bupropion, SSRIs).

Adverse Reactions:

Implant site reactions (eg, discomfort, bruising, pain, soreness, erythema, swelling).

Generic Drug Availability:


How Supplied:

Kit—1 (w. implant and insertion tool)