Indications for: PRIORIX

Active immunization for the prevention of measles, mumps, and rubella.

Adults and Children:

<12 months: not established. Each dose is 0.5mL. Give by SC inj. First dose at 12–15 months of age, second dose at 4–6yrs of age. If Priorix is not given according to this schedule and 2 doses are recommended: separate the first and second dose by a minimum of 4 weeks. Priorix may be given as a second dose to individuals who received a first dose of another measles, mumps and rubella-containing vaccine.

PRIORIX Contraindications:

History of severe allergic reactions after a previous dose of any measles, mumps, and rubella virus-containing vaccine. Severe humoral or cellular (primary or acquired) immunodeficiency. Pregnancy (during and for 1 month after vaccination).

PRIORIX Warnings/Precautions:

Have epinephrine inj available. Risk of febrile seizures or vaccine virus transmission. Latex allergy. Vaccination may not protect all susceptible individuals. Nursing mothers.

PRIORIX Classification:


PRIORIX Interactions:

Concomitant immune globulins, other blood products may interfere with the expected immune response to the vaccine. May cause a temporary suppression of tuberculin reactivity. Avoid false (–) results by administering tuberculin test any time before, simultaneously with, or at least 4 weeks after vaccination.

Adverse Reactions:

Local reactions (eg, pain, redness, swelling), irritability, loss of appetite, drowsiness, fever; thrombocytopenia, thrombocytopenic purpura, syncope.

Generic Drug Availability:


How Supplied:

Single-dose vials—10 (w. prefilled syringes of diluent)