Indications for: Pindolol


Adult Dosage:

Initially 5mg twice daily. May increase after 3–4 wks in 10mg increments; max 60mg daily.

Children Dosage:

Not recommended.

Pindolol Contraindications:

Asthma. Severe bradycardia. 2nd- or 3rd-degree AV block. Overt heart failure. Cardiogenic shock.

Pindolol Warnings/Precautions:

Severe COPD. Ischemic heart disease or failure. Renal or hepatic dysfunction. Diabetes. Hyperthyroidism. Surgery. Avoid abrupt cessation. Pregnancy (Cat.B). Nursing mothers: not recommended.

Pindolol Classification:

Noncardioselective beta-blocker.

Pindolol Interactions:

Hypotension with prazosin, reserpine. Adjust antidiabetic medications. Caution with verapamil, catecholamine-depleting drugs. May block epinephrine, β-agonists. Potentiated by thioridazine.

Adverse Reactions:

Muscle pain, insomnia, dizziness, fatigue, anxiety, joint pain, edema, dyspnea, GI upset, paresthesias, chest pain, pruritus, bradycardia, bronchospasm, heart failure or block, angina.


Formerly known under the brand name Visken.

How Supplied:

Contact supplier.