Indications for: NICODERM CQ

Adjunct in smoking cessation therapy.

Adult Dosage:

Apply to clean, dry, nonhairy site on trunk or upper outer arm; rotate application site. Remove patch after 16 or 24 hours; if vivid dreams or other sleep disturbances occur, remove at bedtime and reapply in AM. >10cigarettes/day: initially one 21mg patch daily for 6 weeks; then one 14mg patch daily for 2 weeks, then one 7mg patch daily for 2 weeks, then stop. ≤10cigarettes/day: initially one 14mg patch daily for 6 weeks then one 7mg patch daily for 2 weeks, then stop.

Children Dosage:

<18yrs: not recommended.

NICODERM CQ Contraindications:

Concurrent smoking or use of other nicotine products.

NICODERM CQ Warnings/Precautions:

Avoid immediately post-MI, in arrhythmias, or severe or worsening angina pectoris. Uncontrolled hypertension. Vasospastic or coronary heart disease. Hepatic or severe renal impairment. Hyperthyroidism. Pheochromocytoma. Stomach ulcers. Diabetes. Allergy to adhesive tape, other skin problems. History of seizures. Discontinue if an allergic reaction occurs. Low doses may be toxic to children and pets. Pregnancy: not recommended (attempt nondrug treatment first). Nursing mothers.

NICODERM CQ Interactions:

Smoking cessation potentiates theophylline, insulin, β-blockers, pentazocine, oxazepam, tricyclic antidepressants (eg, imipramine), caffeine, acetaminophen, adrenergic antagonists (eg, prazosin, labetalol), others. Smoking cessation antagonizes adrenergic agonists (eg, isoproterenol, phenylephrine), others.

Adverse Reactions:

Local irritation, GI upset, headache, dizziness, palpitations, hypertension.

How Supplied:

Patch 7mg—14; 14mg—14, 21; 21mg—7, 14, 21