Immune-mediated blood disorders:

Indications for: HYPERRHO S/D MINI-DOSE

Prevention of isoimmunization of Rho(D) negative women during spontaneous or induced abortion of ≤12 weeks' gestation when mother is not sensitized to Rho(D) antigen and father is not known to be Rho(D) negative.

Adult Dosage:

Postabortion or miscarriage of up to 12 weeks gestation: 1 syringe IM within 3hrs of spontaneous or induced abortion or within 72hrs following termination of pregnancy.

Children Dosage:

Not recommended.

HYPERRHO S/D MINI-DOSE Contraindications:


HYPERRHO S/D MINI-DOSE Warnings/Precautions:

Contains human plasma; monitor for possible infection transmission. IgA deficiency. Pregnancy (Cat.C).

HYPERRHO S/D MINI-DOSE Classification:

Immune globulin.


Avoid live vaccines within 3 months.

Adverse Reactions:

Local or infusion reactions.


Report all infections suspected to be transmitted by HyperRHO S/D to (800) 520-2807.

How Supplied:

Full dose (Single-dose prefilled syringe)—1; Mini dose (Single-dose prefilled syringe)—10