Immune-mediated blood disorders:

Indications for: HYPERRHO S/D FULL DOSE

Prevention of isoimmunization in non-sensitized Rho(D) negative women during pregnancy and in appropriate obstetrical conditions, unless the fetus or father is known to be Rho(D) negative. Prevention of isoimmunization in Rho(D) negative individuals transfused with Rho(D) positive blood products.

Adult Dosage:

See literature. Give IM only. Pregnancy (28 weeks gestation), postpartum prophylaxis (within 72 hours), obstetric complications, invasive procedures during pregnancy: 1500IU. Incompatible transfusions (within 72 hours): volume of red blood cells transfused divided by 15mL provides the number of syringes to be administered; if the dose is a fraction, round to next higher whole number of syringes.

Children Dosage:

Not recommended.

HYPERRHO S/D FULL DOSE Contraindications:


HYPERRHO S/D FULL DOSE Warnings/Precautions:

Contains human plasma; monitor for possible infection transmission. IgA deficiency. Pregnancy (Cat.C).

HYPERRHO S/D FULL DOSE Classification:

Immune globulin.


Avoid live vaccines within 3 months.

Adverse Reactions:

Local or infusion reactions.


Report all infections suspected to be transmitted by HyperRHO S/D to (800) 520-2807.

How Supplied:

Full dose (Single-dose prefilled syringe)—1; Mini dose (Single-dose prefilled syringe)—10