Indications for: FLUVIRIN

Influenza immunization.

Adults and Children:

<4yrs: not recommended. Each dose is 0.5mL IM. 4–8yrs: 2 doses at least 1 month apart for 1st immunization, otherwise 1 dose per season. >9yrs: 1 dose/season. Infants and young children: give in anterolateral thigh; older: give in deltoid muscle.

FLUVIRIN Contraindications:

Allergy to egg proteins. Life-threatening reaction to any previous flu vaccine.

FLUVIRIN Warnings/Precautions:

Use current formulation only. Guillain-Barre syndrome within 6 weeks of previous flu vaccine. Immunosuppressed. Have epinephrine inj (1:1000) available. Pregnancy (Cat.C). Nursing mothers.

FLUVIRIN Classification:

Influenza vaccine.

FLUVIRIN Interactions:

Concomitant vaccines: insufficient data (see literature). Immunosuppressants (eg, radiation, chemotherapy, high-dose steroids) may result in suboptimal response.

Adverse Reactions:

Local reactions, headache, fever, malaise, fatigue, myalgia.

How Supplied:

Multidose vial (5mL)—1
Single-dose prefilled syringes (0.5mL)—10