Indications for: FABIOR

Acne vulgaris.

Adult Dosage:

Cleanse and dry affected area. Apply a thin layer to affected areas on face and/or upper trunk once daily in the PM. Women of childbearing potential: begin therapy during normal menses.

Children Dosage:

Not recommended.

FABIOR Contraindications:

Pregnancy (Cat.X).

FABIOR Warnings/Precautions:

Obtain reliable negative pregnancy test within 2 weeks before starting therapy; use effective contraception during therapy. Do not use on broken or eczematous skin. History of local hypersensitivity. Photosensitivity. History of skin cancer. Avoid eyes, lips, mouth, mucous membranes, sun and UV light; use adequate sun protection. Increased irritation in extreme weather. Discontinue if excessive local irritation occurs. Flammable. Nursing mothers: not recommended.

FABIOR Classification:


FABIOR Interactions:

Cumulative irritant effect with concomitant other topical acne therapy; use caution. Avoid use until the effects of strong topical drying agents have subsided. Concomitant oxidizing agents (eg, benzoyl peroxide) may cause tazarotene degradation and reduce efficacy; apply at different times of the day (eg, AM & PM) if combination treatment is needed.

Adverse Reactions:

Application site reactions (eg, irritation, dryness, erythema, exfoliation, pain, photosensitivity, pruritus, dermatitis).

How Supplied:

Foam—50g, 100g