Indications for: DESFERAL

Acute iron intoxication. Chronic iron overload due to multiple transfusions.

Adults and Children:

Routes other than IM: see literature. <3yrs: not recommended. ≥3yrs: acute iron toxicity: 1g IM initially followed by 500mg every 4 hours for 2 doses; repeat every 4–12 hours if needed; max 6g/day. Chronic iron overload: see literature.

DESFERAL Contraindications:

Severe renal disease. Anuria.

DESFERAL Warnings/Precautions:

Ocular or auditory disturbances. Perform visual acuity tests, slit-lamp exams, funduscopy and audiometry with prolonged therapy. High doses in patients with low ferritin levels may retard growth. Acute respiratory distress syndrome with high IV doses. Flushing, urticaria, hypotension, and shock if given rapid IV. Monitor changes in renal function. Discoloration of urine. Elderly. Pregnancy (Cat.C). Nursing mothers.

DESFERAL Classification:

Iron chelating agent.

DESFERAL Interactions:

Possible impairment of cardiac function with concomitant high dose Vit. C; give max adult dose: 200mg in divided doses. May cause temporary impairment of consciousness with prochlorperazine.

Adverse Reactions:

Localized skin reactions, hypersensitivity, tachycardia, hypotension, shock, dysuria, leg cramps, fever, GI upset; increased serum creatinine, acute renal failure, renal tubular disorder; rare: Yersinia infections, mucormycosis.

How Supplied:

Vials 500mg—4