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Chronic Interstitial Nephritis

Does this patient have chronic interstitial nephritis (CIN)? Chronic interstitial nephritis (Figure 1) comprises a large and diverse group of conditions characterized by: Figure 1. Chronic interstitial nephritis. Urinary concentration defects (secondary to dysfunction of the kidney concentrating mechanism located in the medullaContinue Reading Occurs early in the course Associated: nocturia, polyuria and nephrogenic diabetes…

Acute Interstitial Nephritis

Does this patient have acute interstitial nephritis (AIN)? What is the interstitium? the connective tissue surrounding/between the tubules (contains the peritubular capillaries, extracellular matrix and interstitial cells) (Figure 1) Figure 1. Acute interstial nephritis (light microscopy). How do you define interstitial nephritis?Continue Reading Acute kidney injury (AKI) characterized by interstitial inflammation and edema that spares…

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