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No Borders for Pathogens

For centuries, human beings have spread diseases long distances through their travels. Yellow fever and the mosquitoes that transmit it, for instance, are thought to have originated in Africa and been introduced to the New World by slave ships in the 1500s. The 1918 influenza pandemic illustrates how contagious diseases can spread throughout the world.

ADT Use Increasing

Despite widespread early detection and aggressive treatment for prostate cancer in the United States, the use of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) has been increasing, researchers reported in BJU International (2006;98:973-978).

CMV Prophylaxis May Benefit Tx Patients

BOSTON—Cytomegalovirus infection (CMV) remains an important problem for solid-organ transplant recipients. Available data support either universal prophylaxis against the virus or pre-emptive therapy, according to a transplant infectious disease specialist.

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