Jody A. Charnow

Jody A. Charnow

Jody A. Charnow has been the editor of Renal & Urology News, a publication of Haymarket Media, since 2003. Previously, he had served as editor of Internal Medicine World Report and a managing editor for Medical Tribune. He holds a BA in biology from the State University of New York at Albany.

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Researchers are attempting to identify treatment strategies that would allow for shorter therapy dur

COVID-19 Impacts Oncology Clinical Trials

American Society of Clinical Oncology survey shows that the COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges in how oncology clinical trials are conducted, but lessons learned from the experience could lead to more efficiently conducted trials after the pandemic has waned.

Shaminder Gupta, MD

Nearly 40% of This Nephrologist’s ESKD Patients Dialyze at Home

Shaminder Gupta, MD, is a nephrologist who practices in Houma, Louisiana.  He serves as the section chief at his hospital and also as Corporate Medical Director at Monogram Health, a renal disease care management company. He tells Renal & Urology News how he developed and manages a home dialysis program in which approximately 40% of his patients…

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