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Pulmonary Infections in the HIV-Negative, Immunocompromised Host

What every physician needs to know: Pulmonary infections in HIV-negative, immunocompromised hosts occur frequently and are among the most common infectious complications in these patients. The clinical spectrum of disease is broad, ranging from routine pathogens like Streptococcus pneumoniae and influenza to much more opportunistic infections like invasive aspergillosis, Nocardia, and other rare entities. Understanding…

Transplant patients – lung transplant

What specific infection control measures must be adhered to in order to prevent infection in transplant patients – lung transplant? Lung transplant patients should optimally be in positive-pressure, HEPA-filtered rooms after transplant. Healthcare facilities should have contingency plans in case of disruption of HVAC services. In general, this serves to reduce the risk of invasive…

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