Solid Organ Transplantation May Raise Kidney Disease Risk in Children

Children who undergo solid organ transplantation may have a high risk of developing kidney disease, according to a new national study.

Combining Abiraterone with Prednisone Beneficial

Zytiga may significantly delay progression of pain and quality of life deterioration in patients with mCRPC.

Chair-Side Behavioral Therapy During Dialysis May Fight Depression

Behavioral therapy provided chair-side to kidney failure patients while they are undergoing dialysis may help fight depression.

Vitamin D Supplements Do Not Raise Risk of Kidney Stones

A new study has found that vitamin D supplementation does not appear to contribute to an elevated risk for kidney stones.

Scoring System Predicts Likelihood of Diabetes Remission After RYGB

Researchers have developed a system that may help predict which candidates for surgery are likely to achieve type 2 diabetes remission.

Modest Alcohol Intake Okay with New ED Drug

Avanafil has demonstrated a higher selectivity against the inhibition of phosphodiesterase 11.

New Technique May Enable More Accurate Prostate Cancer Prognoses

Investigators say they may have found a new way to more accurately predict prostate cancer patients' prognoses.

Study Sheds Light on Kidney Donors' Health Risks

A new study has looked at the health of kidney donors and turned up some rather interesting findings in terms of short-term health risks.

Testosterone Replacement Fails to Improve Cardiovascular Health

A new clinical review on cardiovascular disease and testosterone published between 1970 and 2013 has turned up mixed findings.

Novel Device Makes It Possible to Self-Test Albumin Levels

A lightweight and field-portable device invented at UCLA can conduct albumin testing and transmit data through a smartphone attachment.

Racial Differences in Prostate Tumor Biology Found

New studies have confirmed biological differences in prostate tumors between African American men and European American men.

Men May Be Better at Blood Sugar Control

A large international dataset analyzing type 1 diabetics in 12 countries has found that men may be better at blood sugar control than women.

University Offers New Urine Test for Prostate Cancer Screening

The University of Michigan Health System is offering a new urine test called Mi-Prostate Score to improve on PSA screening.

New Islet Cell Transplant Procedure Promising

A new approachhas produced substantially improved results for patients with type 1 diabetes and may offer a more durable alternative.

Advertised Laser Fiber Diameters Misleading

A new investigation has found that the total and core diameters of laser fibers correspond to the advertised laser fiber diameters for lasers used for urological surgery.

Statins Often Prescribed Inappropriately for Kidney Disease Patients

A new analysis has concluded that large numbers of dialysis patients are inappropriately being prescribed statins to lower their cholesterol.

Drugs for Metastatic Kidney Cancer Equally Effective, Study Shows

A phase 3 trial has found pazopanib (Votrient) and sunitinib (Sutent) are both equally effective for treating metastatic kidney cancer.

Once-Daily ED Drug May Help Restore Normal Erectile Function

A trial conducted in 51 sites has found tadalafil (Cialis) once daily may help some men return to normal erectile function.

Investigational Drug May Block Advance of Type 1 Diabetes

The experimental drug teplizumab shows promise for blocking the advance of type 1 diabetes in its earliest stages.

Decision Aids Fail to Change PSA Screening Rates

Both web-based and print-based decision aids appear to improve patient's informed decision making about prostate cancer screening.

Insulin Pumps May Be More Effective than Injections for Child Diabetics

A study of insulin pumps to treat type 1 diabetes in children has found pump technology may more effectively control blood sugar.

Appropriateness of Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer Reaffirmed

A new study suggests that low-grade prostate cancer in a significant number of cases will not become aggressive with time.

Calcium-Based Phosphate Binders Up Death Risk

Patients who take phosphate binders may be at a 22% higher risk of death that those who take other non-calcium based treatments.

Adding Chemo to Radiotherapy Aids Testicular Cancer Treatment

Giving men a single dose of chemotherapy along with radiotherapy may help improve the effectiveness of treatment.

Adolescent Kidney Transplants More Likely to Fail

Patients who receive their first kidney transplant at ages 14-16 years appear to be at increased risk for transplant failure.

More Women with Stones Seen in Emergency Departments

As obesity rates continue to increase in the United States, so do rates of kidney stones.

Statistical Models Support Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer

New models suggest that active surveillance may be highly appropriate and lead to better quality of life.

Resistant Hypertension Common in Patients with Moderate CKD

A new study has found that more than 50% of patients with moderate chronic kidney disease have resistant hypertension.

Antibiotics Lower UTI Risk in Catheterized Patients

A new meta-analysis has found that giving antibiotics to catheterized patients may reduce the risk of a urinary tract infection by nearly 6%.

Catheters for Dialysis Place Patients At Higher Death Risk

Researchers report that elderly end-stage renal disease patients using catheters for dialysis may have the highest risk of dying prematurely.

Healthful Diet May Protect PCa Patients from Aggressive Disease

Researchers report that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables may help PCa patients reduce their risk of progressing to highly aggressive disease.

Bioengineered Blood Vessel Implanted in a Dialysis Patient

Investigators at Duke University have developed a bioengineered blood vessel and successfully implanted it in a dialysis patient.

Genetic Test May Improve Metastatic Prostate Cancer Prediction

A genetic test that measures 22 genomic biomarkers associated with metastatic PCa may be able to outperform other risk assessment tools.

New Vaccine May Work for Diabetes

A new diabetes vaccine approach shows promise by selectively neutralizing antigens while leaving the rest of the immune system unaffected.

Blacks More Likely to Harbor Aggressive Prostate Cancer

A new study suggests that African Americans with very low-risk prostate cancers are much more likely to actually have aggressive disease.

Breath Test for Diabetes Shows Promise

Researchers have developed a diabetes breath test that shows promise for replacing current diabetes monitoring techniques.

Testosterone Helps Improve Pain Perception, Quality of Life

A new study looking at men with low testosterone levels has found that testosterone therapy helps improve pain perception and quality of life.

Obese Found to Benefit from Robotic Kidney Transplants

Robotic kidney transplants may significantly improve outcomes in obese patients.

IMRT After RP Not More Effective than Cheaper Radiotherapies

IMRT has become the most commonly used form of radiation treatment for prostate cancer.

Many Nephrologists Avoid Giving HD Patients Bad News

A new study has found that many nephrologists are reluctant to tell their seriously ill end-stage renal disease patients the true estimates.

Vegetable Fats May Improve Survival in Prostate Cancer Patients

A new study has found that a simple change in diet may help improve their survival rates.

Frailty Test May Predict Hemodialysis Patient Death Risk

Johns Hopkins researchers report that a simple 10-minute frailty test can predict the risk of death and hospitalization.

Precancerous Prostate Lesions More Likely in Obese Men

Obese men are more likely to have precancerous lesions detected in their benign prostate biopsies.

Social Media Initiative Ups Organ Donation Registration

Social media is playing a significant role in organ donation registration.

Cancer More Likely in Azoospermic Men

Azoospermic men may be nearly three times as likely to receive a diagnosis of cancer as men in the overall population.

Successful Kidney Transplantation Can Be Performed in Octogenarians

A study shows that with appropriate screening and selection, kidney transplantation can be performed successfully in octogenarians.

Laser Surgery, TURP Similarly Effective for Enlarged Prostate

Laser therapy is equally as safe and effective as TURP for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Early Flu Shots Post-Transplant Safe, Effective

Spanish researchers have completed a large study showing that influenza vaccination just one month post-transplantation are safe.

Robotic-Assisted Kidney Surgery May Offer Advantages

Robotic-assisted kidney cancer surgery appears to be associated with more "excessive" hospital charges.

Marijuana Found to Lower Blood Sugar

A novel study shows that marijuana users may have better blood sugar control as a result of its effect on insulin resistance.

Statins May Lower PCa Death Risk

A new study of prostate cancer patients found that those who took statins were significantly less likely to die from their disease.

Americans' Support Growing for Altruistic Kidney Donation

Support for altruistic kidney donation appears to have more than doubled since 2001 in the United States.

Why Circumcision May Protect Against HIV

A new study suggests that circumcision drastically alters the microbiome of the penis.

Fish Oil May Benefit Dialysis Patients

Researchers report that fish oil may protect dialysis patients from sudden cardiac death.

Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Opioid Use

A new study looking at the use of opioids suggests that long-term use may be associated with a significantly higher risk of ED.

Treating Lung Congestion in Dialysis Patients May Improve CV Health

Lung congestion is highly prevalent and often asymptomatic among kidney failure patients.

Selenium May Protect Against Advanced Prostate Cancer

A new Dutch study found that selenium may protect against advanced prostate cancer.

Some Anemic Kids on Dialysis Are at Higher Death Risk

Children on dialysis who have anemia and require high doses of drugs to treat it are at increased risk of dying prematurely.

Exercise May Cut Prostate Cancer Risk in Whites

A new study shows that exercise may reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer in Caucasian men, but not African Americans.

Dietary Fat Can Affect Glucose Levels in Type 1 Diabetics

Boston researchers report that dietary fat can affect glucose levels and insulin requirements in type 1 diabetics.

Genetic Analyses Could Reduce the Number of Prostate Biopsies

Researchers say they have identified genetic variants that can increase PSA concentrations and prostate cancer risk.

Nephron-Sparing Surgery Underused in Some Patients, Data Show

A new study looking at national treatment trends in the surgical management of patients with kidney disease is raising some concerns.

Continuous Superior to Intermittent ADT, Study Finds

A large, international trial has found intermittent ADT is not equivalent to continuous ADT.

Web-Based Tool May Aid Kidney Transplant Decisions

Patients with ESRD may now have a tool to help them decide on kidney transplantation.

Breast Cancer Gene May Have Role in Prostate Cancer

A new study suggests that male carriers of the gene mutation are at greater risk of having advanced prostate cancer at the time of diagnosis.

Study Highlights Need To Bolster Efforts to Educate ESRD Patients

Greater efforts may be needed to educate patients with end-stage renal disease, especially African Americans.

Focal Laser Ablation a New Option for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer

A new study suggests that men with low-risk prostate cancer may have a new option between aggressive treatment and active surveillance.

New Immunoassay May Enable Early Kidney Cancer Detection

A new immunoassay appears to be a valid screening method for the early detection of kidney cancer.

25-Year Data Show Benefit of Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer

The first study to analyze follow-up data after radiation therapy for the treatment of PCa shows some encouraging disease-free survival rates.

Financial Barriers May Be Hampering Paired Kidney Exchanges

Paired kidney exchanges are not as popular because there is no way for insurance companies to determine which company pays for which donor's surgery.

Study Reveals Benefits of Drug for Overactive Bladder

A new trial has found that mirabegronreduced the frequency of incontinence episodes and number of daily urinations in adults with overactive bladder.

Healthy Lifestyle Could Prolong Survival in CKD Patients

Among individuals with CKD, adherence to a healthful lifestyle appears to be associated with a greater likelihood of survival.

Active Surveillance Criteria May Need to Be Stricter for Black Men

New research suggests that more stringent criteria may be needed for African American men with prostate cancer.

Partial Nephrectomy May Improve Survival

Partial nephrectomy may lead to better overall survival and fewer health problems after surgery in patients with kidney tumors.

Tadalafil May Improve Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

A new study has found that tadalafil co-administered with finasteride significantly improved scores in men with lower urinary tract symptoms.

ESRD, Atrial Fibrillation Linked in CKD Patients

A new link has been found between atrial fibrillation and end-stage renal disease among patients with chronic kidney disease.

ADT-Related Fracture Boosts Mortality Risk

Men with prostate cancer receiving ADT who experience a fracture may have a 1.38-fold higher mortality risk.

NSAIDs and Acute Kidney Injury in Children

Investigators are sounding a new warning about NSAIDs and acute kidney injury in children.

Low Testosterone Linked to Long-Acting Opioids

California researchers have found that low testosterone levels occur five times more often among men taking long-acting opioids.

Artificial Pancreas Could Offer Advantages

A dual-hormone artificial pancreas may have significant benefits over conventional diabetes treatment using an insulin pump.

Sperm Count Found to Be Lower in Couch Potatoes

How much time a man spends watching television every day may affect his sperm count.

Vitamin D May Protect Against Type 1 Diabetes

A new study has found that having adequate levels of vitamin D during young adulthood may reduce the risk of adult-onset type-1 diabetes.

Fried Foods May Boost Prostate Cancer Risk

Regular consumption of deep-fried foods may be associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer.

Islet Transplants Promising for Diabetics

A new study shows that islet transplantation for type-1 diabetics achieves insulin independence and reverses progression.

Updated Findings from Prostate Cancer Chemoprevention Trial

The four-year REDUCE study showed that dutasteride decreased the risk of biopsy detectable prostate cancer.

High-Fiber Diet Could Improve Outcomes in Men Treated for Prostate Cancer

A high-fiber diet may significantly benefit men treated for prostate cancer, either with surgery or radiation.

Everolimus May Help Shrink Kidney Tumors in TSC Patients

A new international study has found that everolimus may help successfully shrink AMLs in patients with TSC.

Surgery May Be Appropriate For Some High-Risk Prostate Tumors

The most comprehensive study ever conducted comparing the major types of prostate cancer treatments has turned up some rather interesting findings.

First-in-Class Drug Could Benefit CKD Patients

A new first-in-class agent shows promise for improving outcomes in CKD patients undergoing surgical placement of an arteriovenous fistula.

New Hematuria Risk Index Could Cut Down on Follow-Up Tests

Individuals with microscopic hematuria are currently referred for follow-up radiologic and invasive examinations, even when they are asymptomatic.

Higher Income Neighborhoods May Bolster Dialysis Patient Survival

New data suggest that residence in neighborhoods with higher average household incomes is linked to improved survival in kidney failure patients.

New Targets for Preventing Kidney Cancer Metastasis

A team of investigators suggests the use of two new specific targets for preventing metastasis in patients with clear cell renal cell carcinoma.

Partin Tables for Determining Prostate Cancer Risk Updated

A recent update to the Partin Tables may affect how some men with prostate cancer are managed.

Counseled Women Can Breastfeed While Taking Tacrolimus

Women taking tacrolimus who wish to breastfeed after appropriate counseling should not be discouraged from doing so.

Multiple PSA Tests May More Accurately Detect Aggressive PSA

A new study suggests that PSA measurements taken over time may improve the accuracy of detecting aggressive prostate cancer.

Decreased Renal Function, Reduced Cognitive Function Linked

For the first time, researchers have found that decreased kidney function may be associated with decreased cognitive function.

New Agent May Offer Cardiac Benefits in CKD Patients

A new agent called sitaxentan, which blocks endothelin-1 receptors, may lower novel risk factors in patients with chronic kidney disease.

MRI Plus Ultrasound May Improve Prostate Tumor Detection

Using magnetic resonance imaging in combination with real-time ultrasound may enable more accurate detection of prostate tumors.

Severe Acute Kidney Injury Cases Increasing

Severe acute kidney injuries have been rising rapidly in the United States over the past 10 years.

'Smart Catheter' Could Help Fight Urinary Tract Infections

A new "smart catheter" is being developed to combat catheter-related urinary tract infections.

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