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Renal & Urology News Presents R&U University

As a medical professional, you never stop learning. Renal & Urology News understands that. That is why we are excited to announce R&U University. Earn points and badges and rise through the ranks from a recruit to the dean of the university. See how you stack up against your peers and interact with the R&U community. It will be like you're back in college all over again.

Dear Recruit,

Thank you for enrolling in R&U University.

You have been approved as a Level One

Recruit for the university.
As you continue to use our website RenalandUrologyNews.com for the latest in clinical news, medicolegal issues, and developing practice management updates, you will earn rewards and move up the ranks to become the dean of the university.
At R&U University we reward our most outgoing and active students. As you fulfill your prerequisites throughout the year, we will award you points and badges for doing the things that you love to do on our site while acknowledging your medical knowledge and expertise.

How to Earn Rewards
Some of the prerequisites that you can take part in and earn rewards are:
• Visiting the site regularly
• Reading breaking news
• Taking our popular clinical quizzes
• Sharing with your peers
On the right-hand side of our site, you'll find the R&U Leaderboard (See image to the right) as well as an activity feed that will display up-to-date statuses of your medical colleagues. The leader board is a helpful way to track your activity as well as the badges you've earned along the way.

Not only will we be posting your awards to you online, you can also share your rewards on Twitter and Facebook with your medical peers. R&U University is made to be fun and interactive so you can receive a unique experience while also leveraging the medical content that we supply to you as well as thousands of our registrants.

Start earning points!
• See an article you like? You'll earn 25 points when you read it.
• Have something to say about it? You'll receive more points and may earn a badge by leaving a comment.

Each time you earn points, a notification will appear at the bottom portion of your screen.

With each action, you'll work your way toward unlocking a new level and earn badges to keep track of your accomplishments. You might start of as a simple Scholar, but one day you could be the Dean!


What are you waiting for? Sign up now and stay tuned for the exciting rewards we have for our top earners.

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Good Luck!

-R&U University Admissions

For a complete breakdown of our points and rewards, read our terms page.

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