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Our newest web exclusive features thought-provoking discussions on relevant clinical topics in nephrology and urology practice. Check out some of our video interviews with respected physicians and researchers.

Should ED patients be screened for CVD?

 Allen Seftel, MD  Serge Carrier, MD
Allen Seftel, MD

Cooper University

Serge Carrier, MD

McGill University

Should we screen for CKD?

 Peter McCullough, MD  Howard Fink, MD
Peter McCullough, MD

St. John Providence Health System

Howard Fink, MD

Minneapolis VA Medical Center

Anticoagulation for CKD and dialysis with Afib

Charles Herzog, MD

Hennepin County Medical Center

Catherine Clase, MD

McMaster University

Radical vs. partial nephrectomy

Radical Partial
Alexander Kutikov, MD

Fox Chase Cancer Center

John Gore, MD, MS

University of Washington

Low-risk renal tumors: Immediate treatment vs. active surveillance

Immediate treatment Active surveillance
Mitchell Benson, MD

Chairman, Department of Urology
Columbia University

David Chen, MD, FACS

Surgeon, Department of Surgical Oncology
Fox Chase Cancer Center

Early vs. late dialysis initiation

Early Late
Anthony Valeri, MD

Medical Director, Hemodialysis
Columbia University

John Capelli, MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine
Thomas Jefferson University

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