How would you rate your confidence in the results of a clinical trial if it was funded by industry rather than the National Institutes of Health?

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A recently published study of board-certified internists (N Engl J Med 2012:367:1119-1127) found that the type of funding of a clinical trial (industry vs. National Institutes of Health [NIH]) influenced their interpretation of trial results.

For example, it found that disclosure of pharmaceutical company funding, as compared with no disclosure of funding, led the doctors to downgrade the rigor of a trial.

The study also found that the internists were less willing to prescribe drugs studied in industry-sponsored trials compared with NIH-funded trials.

Renal & Urology News would like to know whether the source of a trial's funding affects how urologists and nephrologists perceive the results of the trial, so please take a few moments to answer the following poll question.

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