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Latest NKF Spring Meeting Coverage

Opt for Right-Sided Internal Jugular Tunneled Dialysis Catheters

Right internal jugular vein placement should be used preferentially in TDC to maximize catheter survival.

Ergocalciferol Lowers Vascular Access Dysfunction Risk

Ergocalciferol treatment of vitamin D deficiency in HD patients with type 2 diabetes is associated with a significant reduction in the risk of VAD.

Study Backs Shared Medical Appointments for Kidney Stone Patients

Appointment wait time decreased and number of patients seen per month increased.

Transfusions On the Rise in Dialysis Patients

The trend is most pronounced among Medicare recipients since the debut of bundling, ESA labeling changes.

Ureteral Stents Hike BK Viruria, Viremia Risk in Transplant Patients

Researchers recommend BK virus screening for all kidney transplant recipients.

Abnormal BP Raises Delayed Graft Function Risk

Study implicates low diastolic and high systolic pressure immediately after kidney transplantation.

Intradialytic High Protein Meals May Correct Low Albumin

Combined with use of a binder, this approach raised serum albumin while maintaining target phosphorus levels.

Prostate Cancer Need Not Preclude Kidney Transplants

Five-year mortality is lower among PCa patients who receive a transplant rather than stay on dialysis.

Hemoglobin Levels Decline After ESA Label Changes

Study also showed an increase in the proportion of patients with hemoglobin level below 10 g/dL and in transfusion rates.

Nephrology Visits May Not Improve Elderly CKD Patient Survival

In a study, patients seen by a nephrologist were younger, more likely to be women, and had more comorbidities.

Restart Warfarin After GI Bleeding in CKD and ESRD Patients

Risk of recurrent bleeding is similar to that of patients with normal kidney function.

Pregnancy Outcomes Worse As CKD Progresses

Researchers observe an increased incidence of pre-term delivery and infants who are small for gestational age.

Racial Differences in Mineral Metabolism Identified

Researchers have confirmed findings showing that racial differences in markers of mineral metabolism in patients with CKD.

Hip Fracture Rates Have Increased Among the Elderly

Rates in 2009 were 25% higher than in 1996, study finds.

Drug-Induced Interstitial Nephritis More Common in the Elderly

Antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors are the major causes in this age group.

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