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Malpractice Case Ends in $5 Million Award

Family alleged that healthcare professionals failed to respond to an infant's symptoms of a potentially fatal condition.

Study: Better Handoff in Hospitals Decreases Medical Error Rate

Researchers developed a three-part handoff system that includes standardized communication and handoff training.

Malpractice Premiums Declining in Tennessee Following Reforms

The number of malpractice suits filed in the state has dropped by 36% each year since the reforms went into effect.

California Clears Initiative To Raise Malpractice Cap

California Clears Initiative To Raise Malpractice Cap

A ballot initiative slated for 2014 is aimed at increasing the cap from $250,000 to $1.1 million.

Study Highlights Complexity of Medical Malpractice Cases

These case take up more of a judge's time than criminal cases and other types of civil cases.

VA Paid Out Over $800 Million to Settle Claims in Past Decade

A recent analysis has revealed that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has paid out about $845 million for medical malpractice cases since 2003.

Alabama Couple Awarded $6.7 Million in Malpractice Case

Alabama Couple Awarded $6.7 Million in Malpractice Case

Small intestine perforation during a hernia operation resulted in an intestinal infection that spread, leading to other complications.

Georgia Lawmakers Consider Alternative to Malpractice Suits

A group of legislators recently met to discuss a bill that would create an administrative system for dealing with claims.

Study Ups Estimate of Preventable Errors in Hospitals

Results indicate that there are as many as 210,000 to 440,000 deaths per year associated with preventable harm in hospitals.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Part of Florida Malpractice Law

Florida trial attorneys successfully argued that it violated HIPAA.

Nurses Create 'NoNo Sleeve' to Prevent Medical Errors

The device would be used in dialysis patients with arteriovenous fistulas.

Incorrect EHR Setting May Put Patients at Risk

The errors were related to default settings, which are commonly used to populate information for things such as commonly prescribed dosing protocols.

Missouri Eases Liability Fears for Volunteer Health Workers

The new law waives civil penalties against volunteer health professionals unless there is a "gross deviation from the ordinary standard of care, or willful misconduct."

Stent Lawsuit Settles on the Eve of a Doctor's Testimony

Stent Lawsuit Settles on the Eve of a Doctor's Testimony

A large medical malpractice lawsuit has settled after six weeks of trial, but prior to the defense putting on its side of the case.

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