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Latest Kidney Week Coverage

High Dietary Acid Load Predicts ESRD

Compared with subjects in the lowest tertile of net acid excretion, those in the middle and highest tertiles had a 3.0 times and 9.9 times increased risk.

Mediterranean-Style Diet May Cut CKD Risk

Researchers also discover that adherence to the diet is associated with slower eGFR decline.

Diabetes Hikes Infection-Related Death Risk Post-Transplant

Increasing age and receipt of a deceased-donor kidney were among risk factors for death from infection.

Iron Status Affects Platelet Counts in Hemodialysis Patients

Decreasing TSAT and higher ESA doses are associated with increasing platelet counts.

Anemic Peritoneal Dialysis Patients May Benefit from Folic Acid

Folic acid treatment significantly improved hemoglobin levels and decreased epoetin alfa use.

Phosphorus Changes Affect Dialysis Patient Mortality Risk

Declines in serum phosphorus over time may improve survival.

Statins May Protect Against Post-Op AKI

Statins May Protect Against Post-Op AKI

Patients whose statins were held in the 24 hours before cardiac surgery had higher levels of kidney injury biomarkers.

Masked Hypertension Linked to Low GFR, Elevated Urine Protein

Greater proteinuria also associated with increased odds of masked and sustained hypertension.

Higher PTH and Dietary Protein Intake Hikes Hyperphosphatemia Risk

Worsening or resistant hyperphosphatemia may be an under-appreciated consequence of secondary hyperparathyroidism.

Statin's Effect on Diabetic HD Patients Probed

Atorvastatin did not reduce the risk of a combined endpoint of cardiovascular death, MI, and stroke.

Meditation Can Lower Blood Pressure in Hypertensive CKD Patients

The effect may be mediated by an acute reduction in sympathetic nervous system activity.

Phosphate Binders Offer No Short-Term Mortality Benefit

Calcium-based and non-calcium-based binder use were associated with similar death risks.

Phosphate Binder Found to Cut IV Iron, ESA Use

Elemental iron requirement was reduced by half in patients receiving ferric citrate versus an active control.

Patients Aged 75+ Have Poor Outcomes After Starting RRT

Study demonstrated six- and 12-month survival rates of 58% and 49%, respectively.

Limiting Phosphorus Additives in Foods Lowers Serum Phosphorus

Levels declined significantly from 7.2 to 5.0 mg/dL, data show.

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