Kidney Stone Patients Often Have CKD

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Researchers found that more than half of patients who presented to a nephrology clinic for a metabolic workup of nephrolithiasis had some level of CKD.
Mauro Braun, MD, and his colleagues at Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston, Fla., used the Modification of Diet in Renal Disease study formula to calculate glomerular filtration rate for 127 kidney stone patients. Of these, 53.6% had CKD. Investi-gators found stage I, II, III, and IV CKD in 1.6%, 26%, 25.2%, and 0.8% of patients.

For each one-year increase in age, the likelihood that CKD would be present increased by 5%, after controlling for potential confounders. Moreover, patients with hypertension had a 4.7 times higher risk of CKD than patients without hypertension.  

In addition, most of the patients with CKD were not previously diagnosed with it, despite referral from another medical provider, the investigators reported.

Dr. Braun's group concluded that the presence of hypertension and kidney stones may be a CKD risk factor.

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