September 2015 Issue of Renal And Urology News

September 2015 Issue of Renal And Urology News

September 2015

Nephrology Cover Articles

Late Life CKD Possibly Linked to Higher Midlife Blood Pressure

New findings may offer possible strategies for preventing renal function decline.

Parathyroidectomy for Severe SHPT Improves Survival

Hemodialysis patients who undergo the procedure experience decreased risks of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality.

Higher Phosphorus Ups Anemia Risk

Researchers find link in the non-dialysis population.

Urology Cover Articles

Predictors of ECD Kidney Transplant Long-Term Outcomes Identified

The main independent determinants are circulating donor-specific anti-HLA antibody and cold ischemia time.

Close Surgical Margins Raise Risk of Prostate Cancer Return

The biochemical recurrence rate after radical prostatectomy is similar to that associated with positive surgical margins.

mRCC Patient Survival Improving

Trend mirrors move to targeted therapy era.


Important Prostate Cancer Advances of the Last 10 Years

Advances in prostate cancer screening, management and therapeutics have vastly improved patient care.

News in Brief

Statin Use Fails To Prevent Progression to Lethal Prostate Cancer

Statin use following diagnosis of localized PCa does not significantly reduce the risk of metastasis or death from PCa.

Conservative Treatment of BPH Okay for Some Bladder Stone Patients

Patients with BPH and mild-to-moderate LUTS can be managed without immediate prostatic surgery, study suggests.

Pre-Cystectomy CT Scans May Predict Outcomes

Computed tomography (CT) scans prior to radical cystectomy for invasive bladder cancer may be useful.

Alfuzosin Safe, Effective for Ureteral Stone Expulsion

Stone-free rate and expulsion time did not differ significantly between alfuzosin and tamsulosin.

Practice Management

Unraveling the Risk Assessment

How to comply with HIPAA's risk assessment provision.

General News

Metformin Use in Advanced CKD Raises Death Risk

Study reveals a 35% increase in all-cause mortality risk compared with non-use.

Heparin-Lidocaine Combo Relieves Interstitial Cystitis Symptoms

Patients reported significant improvements in bladder pain and urgency compared with lidocaine alone.

Risk Factors for CKD Progression ID'd

Proteinuria, hyperphosphatemia, anemia linked more rapid annual decline in eGFR.

VA System ESRD Patients Start Dialysis Later

New findings may support the notion that provider-level financial incentives influence decisions to start dialysis at higher levels of kidney function.

Kidney Transplant Outcomes Better If Donors Are Kept in Hypothermia

Risk of delayed graft function is reduced when donors are maintained at a temperature of 93.2° to 95° F prior to kidney harvesting after death.

Tamsulosin Improves Passage of Large Ureteric Stones

Study demonstrates a benefit in patients with distal ureteric stones 5-10 mm in diameter.

Renal Replacement Need After Cardiac Surgery Hikes Death Risk

In a study, 86% of patients who survived experienced renal recovery within 1 year.

Some Hypogonadism Guidelines Need Updating, Review Finds

Quality studies are still needed to answer crucial questions about TRT and prostate cancer, cardiovascular risk.

Black Men Twice as Likely to Die of Prostate Cancer

Study in England shows that that 1 in 12 black men die from the malignancy compared with 1 in 24 white men.

Androgen Deprivation for Localized Prostate Cancer Ups Cardiac Risks

Patients with longer life expectancy are most at risk of cardiac morbidity, researchers concluded.

Pelvic Floor Stimulation Improves OAB in Perimenopausal Women

Adding vaginal estrogen may sustain the effects.

TMAO Implicated As a Cardiovascular Risk Factor in CKD

As renal function declines, levels of trimethylamine-N-oxide increase, and this correlates with increased atherosclerosis burden.

Kidney Function Decline in Men Linked to Lower Alcohol Intake

Frequent exercise also increases the odds of kidney function loss.

Coaching and Financial Incentives May Reduce Phosphorus

Patients with hyperphosphatemia lowered their phosphorus levels with a dietitian's guidance or cash incentive.

Predictors of Recurrent Acute Kidney Injury Identified

Risk factors include longer duration of AKI and hospitalization for congestive heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, and decompensated advanced liver disease.

Southern Diet Linked With Heart Attack, CHD-Related Death

People with a steady diet of foods such as processed meats and sugar-sweetened beverages had a 56% greater risk of acute coronary heart disease.

Greater Melanoma Risks Found Among Transplant Recipients

They have double the risk of invasive melanoma and triple the risk of dying from it.

ADT-RT Results in Improved Outcomes for Locally Advanced PCa

This approach is, or should be, the standard of care for locally advanced PCa, some researchers say.

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