October 2013 Issue of Renal And Urology News

October 2013 Issue of Renal And Urology News

October 2013

Cover Articles

Kidney Donors Show Signs of Mild CKD

Donors had a decrease in GFR and an increase in parathyroid hormone and uric acid six months after nephrectomy.

SUI Outcomes After Sling Placement Unaffected By Age

New study reveals no difference in failure rates for women younger than 70 years and those aged 70 and older.

HIV Patients at Higher Risk of Needing Renal Replacement Therapy

Their risk of being placed on chronic renal replacement therapy is three times higher than in the background population.

Low Estrogen Explains Some Hypogonadal Symptoms in Men

New findings could improve the evaluation and management of men with hypogonadism.

Drug May Work For Resistant CMV Infections in Transplant Recipients

Cidofovir cleared cytomegalovirus that was resistant to ganciclovir.

PSADT May Give Wrong Prostate Cancer Prognosis

Relying on PSA doubling time from just one year of active surveillance can result in as many as one in five prostate cancer patients being ...


The Future of Dialysis in the U.S.

Over the past 10 years the annual ESRD incidence rate per million U.S. population has remained stagnant or even shown sporadic downward trends.

Expert Q&A

Botox for Urinary Incontinence: Interview with David Sussman, DO

David O. Sussman, DO, has been ready to educate urology colleagues on the appropriate use of Botox.

News in Brief

Exercise May Counter Diet-Related ED

Aerobic exercise training could be a practical means of preventing ED brought on by a Western diet.

Peritoneal Dialysis May Reduce Stroke Damage

PD may lower glutamate levels released into the brain during ischemic stroke, minimizing tissue damage

New Penile Cancer Guidelines Issued

Partial or total penectomy with a negative surgical margin remains the gold standard in managing invasive penile cancer.

Higher ACR Tied to CHD in Blacks

A higher urinary ACRwas linked with a greater risk of incident CHD but not recurrent CHD.

Combined High-Dosage Drugs Shown to Ease Resistant OAB

Elderly patients with OAB may benefit from combined high-dosage antimuscarinics.

Biomarker Found to Predict AKI in Emergency Patients

A prospective cohort study has shown plasma NGAL to be an accurate biomarker for predicting acute kidney injury.


Dietary Interventions for Treating Progressive Chronic Kidney Disease

The type and amount of ingested protein affects clinical outcomes such as protein-energy wasting, kidney function and even survival.

Legal Issues

Patient Sues After Suffering Known Risk of Stone Procedure

A urologist had explained to the patient that a split ureter is a potential risk of ureteroscopy.

Renal Nutrition Update

High Fat, Low Carb Diet Beneficial for CKD Patients

For years, dietary recommendations have focused on reducing saturated fat and its potential sources.

General News

Painless Myocardial Ischemia Common in CKD Patients

Its presence increases mortality risk, data show.

Bladder Cancer Survival Predicted by Preop Hemoglobin, CRP

These factors plus pathologic findings enable stratification of patients according to their risk of dying from bladder cancer after radical cystectomy.

Early-Start Dialysis Does Not Improve Acute Kidney Injury Outcomes

Prospective randomized study finds no difference in in-hospital mortality and dialysis dependence at three months compared with usual-start dialysis.

Investigational Iron Drug Safe, Effective in Hemodialysis Patients

Soluble ferric pyrophosphate is a unique carbohydrate-free formulation administrated via dialysate.

Worse AKI Outcomes Linked to Delayed Nephrology Referral

Nephrology consultations more than 48 after the day of acute kidney injury diagnosis are associated with greater mortality and dialysis dependence risk.

Elevated PSA Linked to Shiftwork

Findings support the notion of a link with sleep or circadian disruption.

Metastasis-Free Interval Affects Prostate Cancer Patient Survival

The longer men live without metastatic disease, the lower their risk of death.

Ascorbic Acid Does Not Lower Contrast-Induced Nephropathy Risk

It might decrease the likelihood of renal function decline, however.

Possible Ideal BP for Kidney Disease Patients Identified

Blood pressure in this range associated with the lowest mortality rates.

Drug May Offer Edge for Metastatic Kidney Cancer

In a head-to-head trial, patients had similar progression-free survival with pazopanib and sunitinib, but experienced fewer adverse effects.

Underwear Alerts Incontinence Sufferers to Pad Leaks

An electronic unit vibrates three times when wetness sensor threads detect urine overspills.

Post-Heart Attack Mortality Declining in Kidney Disease Patients

The 30-day mortality risk in patients with stage 2-5 CKD decreased from 11% in 1985-1990 to 6% in 2000-2008.

Non-UTI Problems Common with Urethral Catheters

Leakage/incontinence topped the list at 11%, according to a study.

Ketoconazole May Have Role in Managing Acute Urinary Retention

Adding ketoconazole to tamsulosin increased the likelihood of a successful trial without catheter in men with benign prostatic obstruction.

Cell Phone Allows Patients to Self-Test Albumin

A smartphone-based automated albumin-testing tool can determine urinary albumin levels and transmit results all within about five minutes.

Bicycling Leads All Sports in Genitourinary Injuries

Researcher calculates that 43,200 such injuries occurred in the U.S. from 2002-2010.

MRI May Help Predict PCa Recurrence

MRI may enable doctors to predict the likelihood of biochemical recurrence of PCa after radical prostatectomy.

IBS Found To Increase Erectile Dysfunction Risk

Men with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are at higher risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) than men without IBS.

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