November 2012 Issue of Renal And Urology News

November 2012 Issue of Renal And Urology News

November 2012

Cover Articles

COPD Raises Dialysis Patient Death Risk

Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are also less likely to receive a kidney transplant.

Hypertension May Hike PCa Recurrence Risk

New study also confirms obesity as a risk factor.

Laser Prostatectomy for BPH On the Rise

From 2001-2009, the procedure replaced nearly 50% of transurethral resections of the prostate.


Obesity and Prostate Cancer Risk

Although data suggest that cancer rates are also higher in obese patients, the associations are largely based on observational/population studies.

On the Forefront

Metabolic Abnormalities Following Urinary Diversion

Radical cystectomy with urinary diversion including neobladder remains the standard of care for muscle-invasive bladder cancer.

Expert Q&A

UI Surgery Rates Rise Years After RP: Interview with Robert Nam, MD

Robert K. Nam, MD, MSc, and colleagues helped to shed light on the impact of UI in men who have undergone RP by studying rates ...

Men's Health Update

Walnuts May Improve Sperm Health

Researchers observe improvement in vitality, motility, and morphology.

Prostate Cancer Risk Higher Among Night Workers

The malignancy is 2.8 times more likely to develop in night workers than day workers.

Moderate Drinking Lowers Risk of CVD

Moderate drinkers of alcohol have lower risk of cardiovascular disease than nondrinkers or heavy drinkers.

CVD Risk Factors More Common in Men

Men are more likely than women to have at least one of the three risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Survey: Men Less Aware of Their Hypertension

Men are less likely than women to be aware of their condition and to be currently taking antihypertensive medication.

Metabolic Syndrome More Common in ED Sufferers

Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) have a higher prevalence of metabolic syndrome than those without ED.

Alternative Meds for Osteoarthritis Lower Among Men

Men are less likely than women to use CAM alone or concomitantly with conventional medications for knee osteoarthritis.

News in Brief

Generally, do you think it would ever be a good idea to offer payments to people to donate a kidney (outside of reimbursement for medical and certain other expenses, as is currently allowed)?

The number of individuals in the United States who are on waiting lists for a kidney transplant far exceeds the number of available organs.

Many Back Incentives to Boost Kidney Donation

Funeral expenses for deceased donors and a tax break for living donors were deemed the most acceptable incentives.

Carotid Atherosclerosis Seen in Kids with CKD

Study reveals elevated carotid intima-media thickness.

Testicular Cancer, Pot Smoking Linked

Those who had ever smoked marijuana were almost twice as likely as non-users of marijuana to develop the disease.

Study: Retinopathy May Reflect Renal Disease

In an analysis, greater severity of retinopathy was strongly associated with lower estimated glomerular filtration rate.

PET Imaging Agent Detects Recurrent PCa

The FDA has approved the production and use of Choline C 11 Injection, a PET imaging agent used to help detect recurrent PCa.

Antiandrogen Therapy May Thwart Bladder Cancer

A protein that confers a worse prognosis in bladder cancer when present in high levels may be regulated by androgens, suggesting a role for antiandrogen ...

Detecting High-Grade PCa Improved with Ultrasound

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound can detect almost three times as many higher-grade prostate cancers using half a many needle biopsies.


Nonmuscle Invasive Bladder Cancer: Guidelines for Treatment

The routine incorporation of NMIBC clinical practice guidelines will reduce variation in care by closing the gap on inappropriate delivery, whether over- or underuse.

Legal Issues

Physician Held Culpable After Agreeing to Unorthodox Arrangement

Dr. B should have documented that the patient was offered—and had declined— many standard primary care services.

Malpractice News

Kidney Slated for Transplant Is Accidentally Discarded

Two operating room nurses have been suspended from their jobs

Two Physicians Sue Patient for Malicious Prosecution

The patient had previously sued the doctors for something they did not do.

ICU Misdiagnoses May Cost Up to 40,500 Lives Per Year

In 8% of patients, the diagnostic error was serious enough that it may have caused or directly contributed to the patient's death.

Renal Nutrition Update

Dietary Choices by Renal Transplant Recipients and Overall Acid-Base Balance

Metabolic acidosis is a typical concern in renal populations, including renal transplant recipients (RTRs).

Your Money

Dividend Reinvestment Can Be a Stable Source of Long-Term Returns

Investors have been pouring into stocks that produce dividend payments. Reliable performers reward shareholders with quarterly dividend checks year after year.

General News

Transplant Failure Portends Higher Mortality Risk

PARIS—Patients who have lost their graft have had renal failure longer and are likely to have more comorbidities.

CVD Tied to Reduced Kidney Function in Renal Transplant Patients

Lower kidney function is independently associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death in stable kidney transplant recipients.

Testosterone Declines Not Inevitable

Study implicates factors other than aging, including weight gain, smoking cessation, depression and cardiovascular disease.

Lifestyle Changes May Boost Testosterone

Measures that led to weight loss found to raise levels significantly in overweight, prediabetic men.

Elevated FGF-23 Linked to Insulin Resistance

An unexpected impact may be excessive phosphorus retention.

Larger Kidneys Increase RCC Death Risk

Each 1-cm increment in kidney size was associated with an 18% increased risk of death from renal cell carcinoma.

Metabolic Syndrome Raises CKD Risk

The syndrome increases the likelihood of chronic kidney disease by 42%.

U.S. Long-Term Graft Survival Lags

Renal transplant failure rates are higher than in Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K., study finds.

Secondary Cancer Risk Similar for Radiotherapy, Radical Prostatectomy

New findings contrast with those of previous studies.

Post-Op Acute Dialysis Rate Rising

The trend is mainly among patients undergoing cardiac and vascular surgery, Canadian study shows.

Hemodialysis Patient Death Risk Linked to CAC on Chest X-Rays

Coronary artery calcification is associated with a significant two- to threefold increase risk of all-cause mortality.

Calcified Peyronie's Disease Plaques May Predict Surgery

Men with severe calcified Peyronie's disease (PD) plaques are more likely to progress to surgical treatment than men with non-calcified plaques.

Priapism More Common Than Previously Thought

U.S. study finds incidence of 8.05 priapism visits per 100,000 emergency department visits.

Adjuvanted Influenza Vaccine Safe in Kidney Transplant Recipients

It does not affect acute rejection or graft function, study finds.

Urinary Pathogens Changing in Renal Transplant Patients

Study finds a growing prevalence of gram-negative organisms.

Study: Cherries Lower Gout Attack Risk

An consumption over a two-year period found to decrease likelihood of a gout attack by 35%.

Radium-223 Benefits Confirmed for CRPC Patients

Investigational medication improves overall survival and time to first skeletal-related event.

Data Back New Drug for First-Line mRCC Therapy

Pazopanib and sunitinib demonstrated similar progression-free and overall survival.

Early Post-Transplant Hospital Readmission Factors Identified

Renal transplant recipients are at higher risk if they are older or African American.

Factors Affecting Long-Term Renal Graft Survival

Female gender, younger age lower the odds of graft failure at 20 years.

Hypertension Increases Gout Risk

The two are linked regardless of gender, race, and obesity.

Data Support Intermittent ADT for Metastatic PCa

Intermittent androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) may be as safe as continuous ADT in the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer (PCa), researchers concluded.

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