March 2016 Issue of Renal And Urology News

March 2016 Issue of Renal And Urology News

Renal & Urology News - March 2016 Issue

Nephrology Cover Articles

Earlier ESA Initiation May Improve Renal Outcomes

Study shows benefit of initiating epoetin beta therapy at hemoglobin levels not less than 10 g/dL in non-dialysis CKD patients.

Polycystic Kidney Disease Raises Atrial Fibrillation Risk

In a study, the arrhythmia was 31% more likely to occur in PKD patients than non-PKD control patients.

Urology Cover Articles

Investigational Agent Shows Promise for SHPT in Hemodialysis Patients

In a phase 2 trial, etelcalcitide, a novel peptide agonist of the calcium-sensing receptor, significantly reduced parathyroid hormone levels.

Urologic Surgeries Complicated by Frailty

The more frail the patient, the greater the likelihood of complications, such as hospital readmission and blood transfusion.

Fatal Prostate Cancer Linked to Balding

Any baldness is associated with a 56% higher risk of dying from the malignancy.

Simpler Prostate Cancer Grading System Proposed

Tumors fall into 1 of 5 grade groups based on what pathologic findings indicate about prognosis.


The Psychological Impact of Prostate Cancer

Patients diagnosed with prostate cancer often struggle with their diagnosis.

Expert Q&A

The Future of Bladder Cancer Research

An interview with David J. McConkey, PhD

News in Brief

Hyperkalemia Linked to Aldosterone Antagonist Use

Researchers identified the association in a cohort of older patients with reduced ejection fraction after acute myocardial infarction.

Papillary RCC More Common in African Americans

Racial difference found among patients undergoing robotic partial nephrectomy for renal tumors.

Rosiglitazone May Up Bladder Cancer Risk

Exclusive rosiglitazone use is associated with 3-fold increased odds of bladder cancer.

Bariatric Surgery Type Influences Stone Risk

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery is associated with a 73% increased pooled RR of kidney stones.

Poor Appetite, Lower GFR Linked in Children With CKD

Children with a ieGFR below 30 mL/min/1.73m2 have 4.5-fold greater odds of having a worse appetite.

Mid-Urethral Slings for SUI Offer Long-Term Efficacy

More than 95% of women reported no stress urinary incontinence at 2-, 5-, and 10 year follow-up.

Practice Management

Patients' Rights to Access Health Records Clarified

New document from the Office of Civil Rights reminds providers of their responsibilities and offers compliance tips.

General News

Study: No Clinical Benefit for Botox in BPH

Previous studies may have overlooked the placebo effect.

Testosterone Therapy Does Not Appear to Worsen LUTS/BPH

A recent review found little evidence to support severe lower urinary tract symptoms as a contraindication to TRT.

Repeating PSA Test Reduces Risk of Prostate Biopsy, PCa Diagnosis

Men with a normal PSA upon repeat testing had a 78% lower risk of prostate cancer diagnosis than men with a second abnormal PSA result.

Fixed-Dose Phosphate Binder Schedules May Be Less Than Ideal

Study of peritoneal dialysis patients showed that they do not adjust binders to match the phosphate content of meals and snacks.

Small Prostates Predict More Severe BOO Symptoms

The risk of bladder outlet obstruction increased 34% per unit increase in serum PSA and decreased 23% per unit increase in maximal flow rate.

Low Testosterone Before ADT Predicts Poor Prognosis in Metastatic PCa

The study found no association with obesity, however, unlike previous studies.

Cocoa Flavanols Protect Dialysis Patients' Cardiovascular System

Researchers observe significant improvements chronic and hemodialysis-induced vascular dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Do Not Affect Prostate Cancer Relapse Risk

No significant association found between phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor use and biochemical recurrence after radical treatment.

New Findings May Improve Prediction of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy

Risk is linked to small changes in serum creatinine and eGFR on the day after contrast exposure.

Cinacalcet for SHPT May Lower Testosterone

Serum total and free testosterone declined in men on hemodialysis who received a 6-month course of the drug for secondary hyperparathyroidism.

PCa Surgery Patients Largely Unaware of Sexual Complications

Many men are unaware of erectile function recovery time and problems with ejaculation.

Belatacept Improves Kidney Transplant Outcomes

At 7 years after kidney transplantation, belatacept recipients had lower risks of death and graft loss than those treated with cyclosporine.

Statins Reduce Proteinuria, Mortality in CKD Patients

The drugs do not appear to prevent progression to ESRD, new meta-analysis finds.

Targeted Prophylaxis Before Prostate Biopsy Cuts Sepsis Risk

Antibiotics selected based on results of pre-biopsy rectal swab cultures.

ESRD Anemia Responds to Investigational Oral Drug

In a phase 2 trial, roxadustat maintained hemoglobin levels over 19 weeks as well as epoetin alfa.

Tolvaptan Lowers ADPKD Albuminuria

New findings suggest the medication induces beneficial renal structural changes.

Study: Sleep Apnea May Be a CKD Risk Factor

Chronic kidney disease found to be 58% more likely to develop in individuals with than without the sleep disorder.

Recommendations Issued for Tolvaptan Use in ADPKD

ERA-EDTA offers guidance on selecting patients for treatment, when to start the drug, dosing strategies, and other aspects of care.

Study Supports Hemiablation HIFU for Prostate Cancer

Ablating only the prostate lobe with the tumor resulted in satisfactory mid-term functional outcomes, researchers reported.

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Ups Risk of Non-Cancer Hospitalizations

Risk of being admitted for non-cancer conditions is 38% higher in the year after a PCa diagnosis compared with a year before.

Twice-Weekly Dialysis May Preserve Residual Kidney Function

Patients with preserved residual kidney function experience a survival benefit.

Parathyroidectomy Cuts Mortality Risk in Patients With Severe SHPT

Study finds a 20% to 25% lower risk for early death over the long term.

Prostate Cancer Risk Lower in Type 2 Diabetics

In contrast, type 2 diabetes is associated with increased risks of bladder, kidney, liver, and other malignancies.

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