January 2015 Issue of Renal And Urology News

January 2015 Issue of Renal And Urology News

January/February 2015

Nephrology Cover Articles

Potassium-Lowering Drugs Effective

Sodium zirconium cyclosilicate and patiromer hold promise as hyperkalemia treatments.

Lifetime Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease High in U.S.

Simulation model projects that chronic kidney disease (CKD) prevalence will rise from 13.2% currently to nearly 17% by 2030.

Big Waists Raise End-Stage Renal Disease Risk in Older Women

The risk is 2.6 times greater among postmenopausal women with waists larger than 88 cm

Urology Cover Articles

Targeted MR-TRUS Prostate Biopsy Accurate

Magnetic resonance-transrectal ultrasound image fusion correctly identified index tumor locations in 95% of cases.

Infected Kidney Stones Raise Post-Op Sepsis Risk

Positive stone cultures increase the odds of sepsis after percutaneous nephrolithotomy by nearly 7-fold.

Study: Prostate Cancer Overtreated

Many men undergo radical surgery or radiotherapy despite life expectancies of less than 10 years

News in Brief

Partial Nephrectomy Better for Certain Kidney Cancer Patients

It preserves kidney function better than radical nephrectomy in patients with small- to medium-sized tumors, study finds.

Osteoporosis in ESRD Patients Ups Cardiovascular Risks

Osteoporosis is significantly associated with an elevated likelihood of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, and stroke.

FDA Approves Combo Zerbaxa for UTI

Combo Zerbaxa is sanctioned for complicated intra-abdominal and urinary tract infections

Screen Asians for Diabetes at Lower BMI

ADA: Asian-Americans should be screened for diabetes when they have a BMI of 23 or higher.

Higher BMI May Lower ESRD Risk in Some Patients

Decreased risk of ESRD was observed in individuals without the metabolic syndrome.

Music Found to Lessen Prostate Biopsy Pain, Anxiety

Classical music played during the procedure also improved satisfaction and willingness to undergo a repeat biopsy.

Practice Management

Bundled Payments May Offer Opportunities to Individual Specialists

Among other considerations, a physician has to define a window of time for the length of care needed to treat a condition.

General News

Robotic Prostate Surgery Offers Good Long-Term Results

A study of 4,803 patients who underwent robot-assisted radical prostatectomy had long-term outcomes on par with other surgical approaches.

AV Fistula, Graft Placement Linked to Early Dialysis Visits

In the first few months of hemodialysis, one additional provider visit per month increased the probability of AV fistula or graft surgery by nearly 5%.

Kidney Disease Risk Linked to Household Income

In the fight against kidney disease, greater gains may be realized by focusing on personal economy.

Strict Blood Pressure Control Cuts Death Risk After ESRD Onset

This intervention in patients with chronic kidney disease reduced by 28% their risk of death after progressing to end-stage renal disease.

Consider cT2c Prostate Cancer Intermediate Risk

Patients with these tumors should be counseled appropriately and offered treatment options for intermediate-risk disease.

Lower Creatinine Clearance in Older Adults Increases Odds of Muscle Atrophy

Study reveals greater likelihood of decreased walking speed and more rapid declines in lower-extremity strength.

Lupus Nephritis ESRD Rates Stable

The risk of end-stage renal disease in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus may even be declining, but outcomes differ by race.

CHD Risk Greater in Women with Kidney Stones

Study finds no significantly elevated risk of coronary heart disease among men with a history of kidney stones.

ADT-RT Combo Offers Better Outcomes

Longer cancer-specific and overall survival seen in older men with locally advanced or high-risk PCa

More Bladder Cancer Patients Receiving Perioperative Chemotherapy

Study of patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer documents a particularly large increase in the use of neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Erectile Function Recovery More Likely After Robotic Prostate Surgery

Nerve-sparing surgery by robot-assisted laparoscopy was associated with a 2.4 times increased odds of regaining potency versus open surgery

VA Study Reveals No Race Disparities in Prostate Cancer Outcomes

African-American and Caucasian men have similar tumor burden, treatment choices, and survival.

Allopurinol May Slow Kidney Disease Progression

Long-term treatment also found to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Salvage Prostate Cryoablation Promising

Focal and whole-gland approaches may provide alternatives for recurrent PCa after radiotherapy

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