February 2014 Issue of Renal And Urology News

February 2014 Issue of Renal And Urology News

February 2014

Nephrology Cover Articles

Exercise Cuts Kidney Stone Risk in Women

Even modest activity is beneficial, researchers report.

Treatment-Resistant Hypertension Raises ESRD Risk

The condition is associated with a greater than six times increased likelihood of end-stage renal disease, study found.

Report: New ESRD Cases Decline

USRDS data show a decrease from 116,946 cases in 2010 to 115,643 cases in 2011.

Urology Cover Articles

Prostate Cancer Salvage Cryotherapy Potentially Curative

The best outcomes in terms of biochemical disease-free survival are achieved with earlier referral for salvage therapy.

In Bladder Cancer Patients, Post-BCG Inflammation Is a Positive Sign

It is associated with a reduced risk of cancer recurrence and progression, new findings suggest.

Systemic Opioids During Prostate Surgery May Offer Advantages

Data suggest that this approach can reduce post-operative need for the drugs, which can suppress the immune system.

Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetics Harder to Treat

ED sufferers with diabetes are 55% more likely be prescribed second-line therapies than non-diabetics, data show.


Nephrologists Woefully Underpaid in U.S vs. Canada

This higher level of dialysis care in Canada is partly owed to substantially higher reimbursement fees for nephrologists.

Expert Q&A

Membranous Nephropathy: Interview with Daniel Cattran, MD

The MENTOR study is poised to change first-line-treatment recommendations for idiopathic membranous nephropathy.

News in Brief

Higher Aspirin Doses May Cut Prostate Cancer Mortality

In a study, men taking doses above 75 mg had a significant 39% decreased risk of death from prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Death Risk Higher in Diabetics

Type 2 diabetes is associated with a 23% and 25% increased risk of prostate cancer-specific and overall mortality, respectively.

Moderate Hyponatremia Increases Death Risk

Even moderate hyponatremia declines are associated with an increased risk of death.


Non-Medical Treatments for Kidney Stones: What Nephrologists Need to Know

The surgical treatment of urolithiasis has undergone a marked evolution over the past 30 years.

PCA3: What Is Its Role in Prostate Cancer Screening?

Although several biomarkers show promise, PCA3 has garnered substantial attention following FDA approval and its role in the diagnosis of PCa will grow.

Malpractice News

Surgeon Removes Wrong Kidney from Patient

A surgeon inadvertently removed the less-diseased kidney.

Malpractice Filings Drop in Pennsylvania

Medical malpractice filings declined from 1,675 in 2011 to 1,508 in 2012, a 10% decrease.

Maine Ranks No. 1 in Hospital Safety

Some 80% of hospitals in the state scored an "A" rating from a national hospital watchdog organization.

Malpractice Case Ends in $5 Million Award

Family alleged that healthcare professionals failed to respond to an infant's symptoms of a potentially fatal condition.

Renal Nutrition Update

B12 Supplements Ease Inflammation in CKD

Elevated levels of Hcy are associated with increased levels of cardiovascular inflammation.

Practice Management

Four Financial Solvency Tips for Physicians

Live like a medical resident for a while and save a minimum of 15% of your income throughout your career, financial planners advise.

General News

Resistant Hypertension Responds to Apnea Treatment

Twelve weeks of continuous positive airway pressure decreased 24-hour mean and diastolic blood pressure.

Racial Disparity in CKD Progression Linked to Gene Variants

New findings may help explain why blacks are at higher risk for end-stage renal disease.

More Kids Undergoing Minimally Invasive Nephrectomy

From 1998-2010, the rate rose from 1.1% to 11.6%, study reveals.

Kidney Function Loss Inversely Related to Physical Activity

CKD patients' eGFR declined 0.5% more slowly with each one-hour increment in duration of weekly physical activity.

Most Women on Dialysis Satisfied with Their Sex Life

Sexual inactivity is common but not bothersome to many women, study shows.

Radiation for Uterine Cancer Ups Bladder Cancer Risk

It also increases the risk of death from bladder cancer, according to a new study.

ESRD Increases Post-Op In-Hospital Mortality

Patients with end-stage renal disease at admission into a surgical ICU also are at increased risk of organ failure, study finds.

Contrast-Induced Nephropathy Risk Cut by Nitrates

The condition was 67% less likely to develop in patients who received a nitrate before percutaneous coronary intervention.

Kidney Cancer Cryoablation Highly Effective, Safe

The five-year cancer-specific and overall survival rates were 100% and 97.8%, respectively.

Transperineal Prostate Biopsy Trumps TRUS

TPTPB should be regarded as the gold-standard test in men with two sets of negative TRUS-guided biopsies and rising PSA levels, researchers say.

High Ferritin Ups Infection Risk in Kidney Transplant Patients

Levels above 500 ng/mL predicted higher incidence rates of infections overall as well as bacterial and bloodstream infections.

Nocturia Linked to Low Melatonin

Increasing secretion of this hormone may prevent and treat the condition.

Prostate Cancer Patients May Benefit from Diabetes Drug

In a small study, metformin slowed progression of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

Frailty Ups Risk of Invasive Surgery Complications

Preoperative frailty increases the likelihood of postoperative complications among patients undergoing minimally invasive surgery.

NMIBC Patients May Need Longer Follow-Up

In a study, bladder tumors recurred in 14.5% of patients following a five-year tumor-free period.

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