February 2013 Issue of Renal And Urology News

February 2013 Issue of Renal And Urology News

February 2013

Cover Articles

Emergency Visits for Urinary Stones Increasing

Study reveals a 91% jump in emergency department visits for urolithiasis from 1992 to 2009.

Sodium Citrate Better than Heparin for Dialysis Catheter Locks

It is associated with fewer catheter-related infections and catheter removals or exchanges than heparin.

Lower Glucose Level Reduces ESRD Risk

Intensive blood glucose control can improve renal outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes, including a significant reduction in the likelihood of progressing to ESRD.


Physicians: Managers of Risk

Physicians are more often defined by their ability to diagnose, treat, and research a disease than their willingness to manage its spectrum of risk.

Expert Q&A

Implantable Artificial Kidney Could Help Tens of Thousands: Interview with Shuvo Roy, PhD

A promising hybrid device that works from the inside to provide renal functions beyond dialysis 24 hours a day, seven days a week, has the ...


Transplants Candidates: How Much Does Size Matter?

Obese individuals often are rejected as renal transplant candidates in large part because of their increased risk for surgical complications and adverse outcomes.

Pre-treatment Percutaneous Biopsy of Small Renal Masses

Urologists typically treat a renal cortical mass without biopsy, but this should be re-evaluated in the era of the incidental small renal cortical neoplasm.

Legal Issues

Doctor Sued for Following a 'Do Not Resuscitate' Order

The son of a decreased man testified that he was the healthcare proxy for the patient, and that his father had a living will stating ...

Malpractice News

Physician Sued After Having an Affair with a Patient

The jury awarded a woman $154,000 for past mental distress, $50,000 for future mental distress, $134,000 for past loss of income.

Medical Errors Occur Despite Electronic Health Records

Dual workflow, using both paper-based and electronic records, seems to be particularly problematic, researchers say.

Physician Found Liable for Patient's Suicide

A physician continued prescribing antidepressant medication to a patient even though he had not seen that patient in his office for more than a decade.

Renal Nutrition Update

Managing Dyslipidemia in CKD can Decrease Risk of Cardiovascular Events

Dyslipidemia often is a concern in patients with CKD because mortality in this population typically is the result of cardiovascular complications.

General News

Patients Report Better Early QOL with Proton Therapy

Proton therapy was associated with less urinary and bowel dysfunction than 3D-CRT and IMRT in the first few months following treatment.

SBRT Promising for Intermediate-Risk PCa

Stereotactic body radiotherapy is associated with a 99% four-year progression-free survival rate.

One-Week Radiotherapy Course An Option for Localized PCa

At five year, low-, intermediate-, and high-risk patients had actuarial disease-free survival rates of 5%, 90%, and 80%, respectively.

Elevated SBP Raises Stroke Risk More in Blacks than Whites

A 10-mm increment in SBP was associated with a 24% increased stroke risk for blacks compared with an 8% increase among whites.

Alpha Blockers May Improve SWL Outcomes

Men taking the medications for benign prostatic hyperplasia had a better stone clearance rate after shock wave lithotripsy than men not taking the drugs.

CABG Safer than PCI for Hemodialysis Patients

A 13% decreased risk of death observed.

Fatal Prostate Cancer Linked to Whole Milk

Men who drank one serving per day or more of whole milk had a 49% increased risk of dying from PCa compared with men who ...

Few Major Complications with Prostate Cancer Focal Therapy

Less than 2% of patients experienced major treatment-related complications.

Prostate Cancer Risk Lower Among Immigrants to Sweden

Lesser use of PSA testing may only partially explain the finding.

Cinacalcet's Cardiovascular Benefits Modest in Dialysis Patients

Researchers find a 'nominally significant' decrease in the risk of a composite outcome of death and nonfatal major cardiovascular events.

Low-Dose Valacyclovir Effective for CMV Prophylaxis

It also results in high patient and graft survival rates.

Partial Nephrectomy Offers Better Renal Preservation, Survival

This surgical approach is associated with a lower risk of developing stage IV CKD compared with radical nephrectomy.

New Clue to LUTS-Prostate Cancer Link

Study points to increased diagnostic intensity among men whose lower urinary tract symptoms come to physicians' attention.

Kidney Function Decline Slows After Dialysis Start

Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patient experience similar amelioration in glomerular filtration rate decline.

Renal Impairment Hikes Enoxaparin-Related Bleeding Risk

Study reveals a fourfold increased likelihood of major bleeding events.

Prostate Cancer Deaths Continue to Decline

Also, fewer patients are dying from kidney cancer; bladder cancer death rates stay the same for men, decrease for women.

PSA Levels Higher in Sedentary Men, Study Finds

PSA concentrations are higher in men who engage in more sedentary behavior and lower levels of light physical activity, a study found.

Childless Women at Higher Bladder Cancer Risk

The more children women bear, the lower their risk.

GFRs Overestimated in ICU Patients with AKI

Urine output may provide a better indication of renal function, according to researchers.

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