December 2013 Issue of Renal And Urology News

December 2013 Issue of Renal And Urology News

December 2013

Cover Articles

Nephrology Society Objects to Call Against Kidney Screening

The American College of Physicians came out against chronic kidney disease screening in asymptomatic adults who do not have risk factors.

Urology Groups Condemn IMRT Study

The study, sponsored by a group representing radiation oncologists, concluded that urologists use IMRT more if their practices offer it.

Testosterone Therapy May Raise Cardiovascular Risk

In a study, it was associated with a 29% increased risk of death and/or heart attack or stroke.

Fasting Phosphorus Levels Are a Stronger Mortality Predictor

Serum levels vary throughout the day, and higher phosphorus intake exaggerates the early afternoon rise in serum phosphorus.

High Dietary Acid Load Predicts ESRD

Compared with subjects in the lowest tertile of net acid excretion, those in the middle and highest tertiles had a 3.0 times and 9.9 times ...

PCa Raises Melanoma Risk

Men with a history of prostate cancer are at increased risk of melanoma.


Placing Very Elderly Patients on RRT

As a venue for presenting important research on kidney disease to the world, Kidney Week never disappoints.

Expert Q&A

An Update on New Therapies for mCRPC: Interview with Oliver Sartor, MD

Radium-223 was approved in May 2013 for the treatment of mCRPC with symptomatic bone metastases and no visceral disease.

News in Brief

Ipecac Component Boosts Cisplatin in Bladder Cancer

Study suggests benefit of adding of emetine dihydrochloride to treatment.

Radical Cystectomy Patients May Need Longer VTE Prophylaxis

More than half of all venous thromboembolism events were diagnosed after patient discharge.

Renacidin Irrigation Back for Use Against Kidney, Bladder Stones

The drug, which was off the market for the past year and a half, is indicated for the dissolution of renal and vesical calculi of ...

New CDC Tools Aim to Reduce Dialysis Infections

Agency releases a video, a poster, and a pocket guide to help providers and patients prevent development of infectious complications in patients undergoing hemodialysis.

TSPO Not Needed for Testosterone Production After All

Improved understanding of biosynthesis mechanisms will lead to better diagnoses and treatments for steroid hormone production disorders.

Pre-Dialysis Conception May Improve Birth Rate

Starting dialysis after conception, not before, may improve birth rates in women with end-stage renal disease.


New Ablative Techniques in Urologic Oncology

Innovative approaches offer the potential for effective treatments to limited target 
areas with improved side effect profiles.

Practice Management

Common HIPAA Compliance Oversights

Compliance gurus bet there are at least a few things physicians are not doing to comply with HIPAA.

General News

Urinary Pad Test Shows Promise for Use in Young Women

Pad tests described to date have only been evaluated in older, parous women.

Adjuvant Radiotherapy May Benefit High-Risk RCC Patients

Researchers observe a high rate of local disease control with increased progression-free survival.

Long-Term Androgen Suppression Offers No Added Benefit

It does not improve disease-specific or overall survival in intermediate-risk PCa patients compared with short-term suppression.

Newborns Among Hardest Hit by Inpatient AKI

Infants aged one month or younger who experience acute kidney injury during hospitalization have a 31% death rate.

Testosterone Therapy Eases MetS Components in Hypogonadal Men

Researchers observed significant improvements in lipid parameters, blood glucose, and blood pressure.

Vitamin D Supplements Do Not Raise Kidney Stone Risk

A serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level of 20 to 100 ng/mL has no significant association with kidney stone incidence.

Papillary Renal Cell Cancer Linked to Renal Cysts

Patients with this malignancy had a 73% prevalence of simple renal cysts.

Starting Dialysis Early May Worsen Outcomes

Results show an increased risk of mortality and hospitalizations compared with late starts.

Prostatic Artery Embolization Safe, Effective for BPH

Early results from a small group of patients show a clinical success rate of 95%.

Large Waists Predict Higher ESRD Risk

New findings point to a link between abdominal fat and kidney disease progression.

Higher Dietary Acid Load Raises Kidney Stone Risk

It may reduce urinary citrate excretion, which is associated with an elevated stone risk, according to researchers.

CKD Risk Higher Among Diabetic Women than Men

Women with diabetes have a higher prevalence of risk factors for chronic kidney disease than men.

Patients Aged 75+ Have Poor Outcomes After Starting RRT

Study demonstrated six- and 12-month survival rates of 58% and 49%, respectively.

Statins May Protect Against Post-Op AKI

Patients whose statins were held in the 24 hours before cardiac surgery had higher levels of kidney injury biomarkers.

Consensus Reached on MRI Role in PCa Focal Therapy

Template-guided saturation prostate biopsies are no longer necessary when high-quality state-of- the-art mpMRI is available

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