August 2014 Issue of Renal And Urology News

August 2014 Issue of Renal And Urology News

August 2014

Nephrology Cover Articles

CKD Risk Factors Present Decades Prior to Diagnosis

In a study, hypertension, obesity, and higher triglycerides predicted development of chronic kidney disease 30 years later.

Chronic Kidney Disease Linked to Kidney Stones

A history of nephrolithiasis was associated with a nearly 2-fold increased odds of chronic kidney disease in women.

Kidney Donors Face Higher ESRD Risk

They also are at elevated risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality, study finds.

Urology Cover Articles

Prostate Cancer Progression Linked to Obesity

Increased long-term risk observed in men on active surveillance.

Metformin May Improve Oncologic Outcomes in Bladder CA Patients

Use of the drug reduced the risk of recurrence and cancer-related mortality in diabetic patients undergoing radical cystectomy.

Expert Q&A

Ultrasonic Propulsion of Kidney Stones: Interview with Jonathan Harper, MD

Jonathan Harper, MD, of the UW School of Medicine in Seattle, explains his "Rolling Stones" concept as a feasible office procedure.

Men's Health Update

Caffeine May Lower Erectile Dysfunction Prevalence

Intake of 85-303 mg/day has an apparent protective effect, researchers found.

Male Fertility May Be Impaired by CP/CPPS

Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome negatively impacts sperm concentration and other semen parameters.

Testosterone Supplements Not Linked to Heart Attacks

Finding runs counter to some prior reports; much larger trials are needed, experts say.

Neglected Side Effects of Radical Prostatectomy

A questionnaire-based study revealed significant side effects that are not commonly discussed.

Obesity Diminishes Sexual Function in Young Men

Obesity can lead to a deterioration of erectile function in young men.

Sugary Beverages Reduce Semen Quality

Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption adversely affects sperm motility.

News in Brief

Homocysteine Levels Elevated in Gout Patients

Korean study also revealed an inverse association between serum homocysteine levels and renal function.

Citrus Fruit May Lower Bladder Cancer Risk

Meta-analysis demonstrates a protective effect with high intake.

FDA Okays Rapid-Acting Inhaled Insulin

Afrezza is administered at the start of each meal or within 20 minutes after starting a meal.

Nephron Sparing Surgery Okay for Tumors in Transplanted Kidneys

At last follow-up, 41 of 43 patients who underwent partial nephrectomy did not require dialysis.

Urodynamic Studies On the Upswing

Urodynamic studies for female Medicare patients increased by 29% from 2000 to 2010.

Reasons for Alpha Blocker Switch ID'd

Lack of efficacy is the main reason for the switch.

Practice Management

How to Measure Practice Productivity Using Relative Value Units (RVUs)

RVUs are a useful gauge of doctors' productivity, but practices also should look at such aspects as each practitioner's caseload and reimbursements.

General News

Study Finds No Resveratrol Health Benefits

Urinary resveratrol levels achieved with the Western diet show no influence on mortality, inflammatory markers, cardiovascular disease, or cancer.

Novel Fluid Protocol Cuts Contrast-Induced AKI Risk

Use of the protocol, which is based on left ventricular end-diastolic pressure, was associated with a 59% relative risk reduction.

CKD Stage 4 Patients Have Equal Risk of ESRD, Death

If renal replacement therapy planning were started only when patients reached CKD stage 5, many patients would not be adequately prepared, researchers said.

High Cholesterol Predicts Better RCC Outcomes

Patients with levels of 161.5 mg/dL or greater had a 43% decreased risk of death from renal cell carcinoma than those with lower levels.

Elevated Phosphorus May Increase Death Risk

Researchers observed the association among individuals with serum phosphorus levels measured after fasting for 12 or more hours.

High Uric Acid May Hasten Dialysis Initiation

Renal function decline is not accelerated, however.

High-Risk PCa More Likely to Be Diagnosed in Non-Whites

Compared with whites, blacks and Hispanics have 42% and 23% increased odds, respectively, of being diagnosed with high-risk prostate cancer.

Hyponatremia Linked to Hip Fracture Surgery

Post-operative hyponatremia is associated with a significantly longer hospital stay.

HCV Infection Raises Kidney Failure Risk

Hepatitis C virus infection increases CKD patients' likelihood of progressing to end-stage renal disease by 32%.

Prostate Cancer Death Risk Tied to Age at Diagnosis

Men aged 61 and older at diagnosis are more likely to die from the malignancy than men aged 50 or younger.

Low Bicarbonate Predicts Rapid Renal Function Decline

Serum bicarbonate could potentially be used to identify patients at elevated risk for chronic kidney disease.

New Study Supports Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance

After 5 years, nearly two thirds of men remained on active surveillance.

Prostate Cancer Outcomes May Improve Under Affordable Care Act

Prostate cancer patients with health insurance are less likely to present with metastatic disease or die from the cancer than uninsured patients.

Severe Erectile Dysfunction May Respond to Shockwave Therapy

Researchers compared with low-intensity shockwave therapy with sham treatment.

Long-Term Hypertension Ups Psoriasis Risk

Women who had hypertension for at least 6 years had a 27% increased risk of the skin disease.

Renal Tumor Risk Higher in Lithium-Treated Patients

Renal tumors occur at a frequency 7.5 times greater in lithium-treated patients than in the general population, French study shows.

Where AKI Develops Affects Death Risk

Patients are more likely to die if their acute kidney injury was acquired in the hospital rather than in the community.

Pre-Surgery Anemia Ups CKD Patients' Risks

Low hemoglobin levels increase the risk of death, sepsis, and cerebrovascular accidents following cardiac surgery.

Weather Found to Affect Gout Attack Risk

Likelihood of a recurrent gout attack is greater under conditions of high temperature and/or low relative humidity.

High C-Reactive Protein Is a CKD Risk Factor

CRP is an independent risk factor the development of CKD.

Allopurinol Offers No Cardiovascular Benefit

Allopurinol therapy is not associated with beneficial cardiovascular outcomes in gout patients.

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