April 2016 Issue of Renal And Urology News

April 2016 Issue of Renal And Urology News

Renal & Urology News - April 2016 Issue

Nephrology Cover Articles

Peritoneal Dialysis Outpacing Home Hemodialysis

Trend started around the introduction of the Medicare prospective payment system for dialysis care.

Kidneys from Incompatible Live Donors Offer a Survival Advantage

Survival rates are lower among patients who receive a deceased-donor kidney or remain on the transplant waiting list.

Nephrology Attracting Fewer Doctors

Fellowship positions go unfilled as the US faces expanding population of kidney disease patients.

Urology Cover Articles

Bladder Cancer Patient Frailty Predicts Radical Cystectomy Outcomes

The more risk factors patients have, the greater their risk of serious perioperative complications.

Saturation Prostate Biopsy Not Better

Detection of high Gleason grade tumors is not significantly improved versus standard 12-core biopsy.


The Looming Battle for ESRD Fountains

As the rate of acceleration in ESRD incidence decline, physicians should expect heightened battles for the ESRD fountains.

News in Brief

Suprapubic Tubes May Be Better for RALP Patients

Advantages in terms of bother and pain surface in a prospective randomized trial comparing suprapubic tubes and urethral catheters.

Racial Disparity in Survival Found in Pediatric Dialysis Patients

African-American children are 64% more likely to die than white children.

Intradialytic Hypotension Hikes Long-Term Death Risk

The condition is independently associated with a 60% increased risk of 5-year mortality in maintenance hemodialysis patients.

Nighttime BP Elevated in Prediabetes Patients With CKD

In these patients, systolic blood pressure at night was elevated by an average of 2.9 mm Hg.

Mirabegron Found to Relieve Refractory OAB in Children

Patients' median bladder capacity improved from 150 to 200 mL and continence improved in nearly 90% of patients.

Silodosin Safe, Effective for Symptomatic BPH

Three quarters of patients experienced significant improvements in lower urinary tract symptoms and quality of life observed and were satisfied with treatment.

Practice Management

CMS Uses CROWNWeb for Reporting Depression, Pain

The end-stage renal disease community can now capture data on depression screening and pain assessment efforts.

General News

Finasteride May Lower Bladder Cancer Risk in Men

The likelihood of being diagnosed with the malignancy was 37% lower in men who used the 5ɑ-reductase inhibitor than those who did.

Hemodialysis Patients Show Cognitive Impairment

Meta-analysis reveals especially poor scores in attention and memory on neuropsychological tests.

Iron-Based Binder Found to Improve Phosphorus Control, Cut Pill Burden

Researchers observe an 81% increase in dialysis patients achieving recommended phosphorus levels after switching to sucroferric oxyhydroxide.

Radical Prostatectomies Mostly Performed Robotically

Study finds that 85% of all radical prostatectomies performed by urologists in 2013 were robot-assisted procedures, compared with just 22% in 2003.

Secondary Cancers Possible With PCa Radiotherapy

Study finds an increased relative risk of bladder, colorectal, and rectal cancers.

Post-Cystectomy VTE Common, Risky

Patients with venous thromboembolism tended to die earlier from their bladder cancer.

Readmission Due to Infection After Bladder Surgery Linked to Smoking

Current smoking is independently associated with a greater than 2-fold increased odds of hospital readmission after radical cystectomy.

Sildenafil Aids Ureteric Stone Passage

The phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor, sildenafil, improved passage of distal ureteric stones 5-10 mm in diameter.

Managing Anemia in Cancer Patients With CKD

A summary of Dr. Jeffrey S. Berns' presentation that will be given at the National Kidney Foundation's 2016 Spring Clinical Meetings in Boston, MA.

Management of ADPKD in 2016 and Beyond

A summary of Dr. Ronald D. Perrone's presentation that will be given at the National Kidney Foundation's 2016 Spring Clinical Meetings in Boston, MA.

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