April 2013 Issue of Renal And Urology News

April 2013 Issue of Renal And Urology News

April 2013

Cover Articles

Prostate Cancer Death Rate Higher with Non-Curative Approaches

Among men older than 67 years, non-curative management of "low-risk" prostate cancer in men is associated with a greater than threefold increased risk of death ...

Nondialytic Therapy May Benefit Selected Elderly ESRD Patients

Conservative approach can improve the quality of life in patients with extensive comorbidities.

Surgery Lowers RCC-Related Mortality

Partial or radical nephrectomy improves patients' survival odds, data show.


Reflections on the EAU Annual Congress

Having just returned from the always-stimulating European Association of Urology annual congress, I'd like to share a few impressions.

Expert Q&A

Calcium for ADT Bone Loss May Worsen PCa: Interview with Gary Schwartz, PhD

Considering that bone loss is a known side effect of ADT for men with PCa, it might seem logical that calcium and vitamin D supplementation ...

News in Brief

How has the HIPAA Privacy Rule affected the care you provide patients?

The federal HIPAA Privacy Rule was passed to protect the privacy of individually identifiable health information.


Uric Acid and the Kidney - Is There a Role for Urate Lowering?

Many but not all cohort studies examining the relationship between hyperuricemia and CKD outcomes suggest they may be intertwined.

Adrenal Masses: Often Incidental, Not Always Insignificant

Given the frequency with which these lesions are found, urologists and nephrologists should be familiar with their evaluation.

Legal Issues

Urologist Ignores Note in Pathology Report—and Regrets It

A pathologist was unable to determine if a bladder tumor was muscle invasive because biopsy samples did not include muscle tissue.

Renal Nutrition Update

BMI is More Reliable than Leptin Levels in Dialysis Patients

Questions have been raised as to whether leptin has an impact on malnutrition in this population.

Your Money

Invest in Stocks to Take Advantage of Positive Economic Developments

The S&P 500 stock index has returned 10.2% annually during the past three years and the Barclays Capital Aggregate bond index only returned 5.7%.

General News

Mortality Risk Greater with Daily Dialysis

Patients on daily hemodialysis (HD) had a 60% increased likelihood of dying compared with those receiving conventional HD.

Few Pelvic Organ Prolapse Procedures Show Edge

Meta-analysis reveals downside to mesh interventions.

Proteinuria Recovery Heads Off LN Comorbidities

Even partial recovery in lupus nephritis patients lowers the risk of needing dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Flares Occur Despite Dialysis

SLE patients with renal failure often continue to experience flares, but most commonly these are serologic rather than clinical.

Higher Statin Dose Helps Patients with Hard-to-Treat Hypertension

Intensive lipid lowering with atorvastatin reduced the risk cardiovascular events in patients with treatment-resistant hypertension.

Renal Status Influences PCI Outcomes

The 90-day incidence of death, shock, and renal failure increases with decreasing kidney function.

Mesh Prolapse Procedures On the Rise

Vast majority are vaginal mesh surgeries.

Acute Kidney Injury Risk Linked to Adiposity

Excessive body fat on CT scans is associated with an elevated risk of acute kidney injury.

Higher PCa Death Risk in Blacks Still Unexplained

The 10-year cancer-specific mortality risk was 39% greater in African- Americans than Caucasians.

Higher Post-Nephrectomy Transfusion Rate Found

Large study reveals an 18.1% prevalence overall, with the prevalence ranging from 8.6% to 28.2% depending on the surgical approach.

Kidney Cancer Biomarkers Remain Elusive

The clinical trials needed to identify biomarkers are complex and difficult, British researcher says.

Urologists a Key Factor in PCa Observation Underuse

Researchers speculate that patients opt for active treatment because of the influence of the diagnosing urologist.

Non-Bone Metastases Increasing in mCRPC Patients

The rate of non-osseous metastasis increased significantly by 2.8% per year from 2000 to 2011.

Prostate Cancer Risk Lower in Diabetics

Apparent protective effect is stronger in men who do not have metabolic syndrome.

Hormonal ADT for Prostate Cancer Ups Heart Attack, Stroke Risk

Risk is unaffected by orchiectomy, large Danish study finds.

Bladder Cancer Possibly Undertreated in Elderly Patients

Only 12% of patients older than 80 years received radical treatment for invasive disease compared with 52% of those younger than 60 years.

RCC Incidence Higher Among Dialysis Patients

Biopsy-proven renal cell carcinoma developed in 35 (0.5%) of 6,827 ESRD patients.

PD Exit-Site Infections Raise Peritonitis Risk

Patients on peritoneal dialysis (PD) who experience an exit-site infection (ESI) are at increased risk for peritonitis.

Elderly Men Benefit from TRT, Study Finds

Hypogonadal men aged 65 years and older experience significant benefit from TRT over 12 months.

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