Indwelling Stents for Chronic Urinary Obstruction -- Presentation by Bradley F. Schwartz, DO, FACS

  • Indwelling Stents for Chronic Urinary Obstruction

    Indwelling Stents for Chronic Urinary Obstruction

    There are several stents that are FDA approved for one year, but it is unusual for these stents to remain in vivo for this long.

  • It is a single piece of metal that is coiled in a way that is similar to a Slinky, with a central connecting wire having closed ends.

  • The biggest reluctance to using these stents is their cost, which is approximately six times that of their polymer counterparts. At least two studies, however, have found economic benefit when the number of stent changes the patient undergoes is considered.

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Indwelling ureteral stents to the urologist is as commonplace as the stethoscope for the cardiologist and the reflex hammer to the neurologist.

However, unlike these routine tools of the trade, stents can be aggravating and bothersome for both patient and urologist. While a perfect stent has not been designed, they are indispensible devices that are used everyday in our field. They have unique qualities that make them both diagnostic and therapeutic.

Read the full presentation by Dr. Schwartz.

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