Daily Dose Thresholds: Sedatives-Hypnotics

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Generic Brand Usual Max
Daily Dose
chloral hydrate* 2000mg
diphenhydramine* Benadryl 50mg
estazolam 2mg
eszopiclone Lunesta 3mg
flurazepam* 30mg
hydroxyzine* Vistaril 100mg
lorazepam Ativan 4mg
oxazepam 30mg
quazepam* Doral 15mg
ramelteon Rozerem 8mg
temazepam Restoril 30mg
triazolam* Halcion 0.5mg
zaleplon Sonata 20mg
zolpidem Ambien 10mg
Ambien CR 12.5mg
Intermezzo 1.75mg (female)
3.5mg (male)

*Not recommended for management of insomnia, especially in elderly.

(Rev. 8/2017)

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