Hypertension: Beta-Blocker Pharmacokinetics

Beta-blocker pharmacokinetics comparison chart for hypertension.

Diabetes Treatments

Antidiabetic agents for the treatment of diabetes including maintenance and max doses chart.

Antipyretic Medications

Antipyretics Medications Chart

Insulin Pen Devices

Insulin Pen Devices comparison chart for patients with diabetes mellitus.

Migraine and Headache Treatments

Adult doses for migraine and headache treatments including barbiturates, ergot alkaloids, and NSAIDs.

Pharmacological Effects of Alcohol with Medications

List of OTC and Rx medications that have the may react with alcohol and the related potential adverse reactions.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erectile dysfunction treatment chart including onset time, duration of action, and dosing for each drug product.

Overactive Bladder & Urinary Incontinence Treatments

Overactive bladder and urinary incontinence dosing regimen chart for anticholinergics, antispasmodic/anticholinergics, muscarinic antagonists, and synthetic vasopressin.


Insulin products chart with pharmacokinetic properties.

FDA-Approved Prostate Cancer Treatments

Approved prostate cancer drug treatments including formulations and usual dosing.

Hypertension Treatments: ACE Inhibitors

Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors and ACEI Combination Therapy Hypertension Dosing Chart.

Hypertension Treatments: Oral CCBs

Oral calcium channel blockers (CCBs) for the treatment of hypertension including benzothiazepines, dihydropyridines, and diphenylalkylamines.

Pharmacological Migraine Prophylaxis Guidelines

Guidelines for pharmacological prophylaxis of migraines chart

Hypertension Treatments: ARBs

Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARB) used for the treatment of hypertension and their respective strengths, formulations, and doses.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Treatments

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) treatment chart including drug dosing, formulation, strength, and pharmacological class.


Androgens used for testosterone replacement therapy organized by route of administration chart.

Blood Glucose Meter Compatibility with Lancets and Test Strips

Blood Glucose Meter Compatibility with Lancets and Test Strips chart

Drugs Contraindicated in Pregnancy

Contraindicated pregnancy medications

Narcotic Analgesics

Comparative chart of narcotic analgesics including formulations, strengths, and dosing intervals.

Obesity Treatments

Treatment options for obesity including strength, form, and dosing details.

Controlled Substance Schedules

Schedules of Controlled Substances categorized by the FDA.

Urinary Incontinence

Types of urinary incontinence and its potential causes.

Oral Urinary Tract Infection Treatments

Oral antibiotics for urinary tract infections (UTIs) treatment chart including dosing and duration.

Risk Factors for Overactive Bladder and Urinary Incontinence

Risk factors for overactive bladder and urinary incontinence chart in men and women.

Opioid Equianalgesic Doses

Opioid equianalgesic dosing chart used for interchanging between drug, route of administration, or both.

Hypertension Treatments: Diuretics

Hypertension dosing regiment chart for loop, potassium-sparing, and thiazide-like diuretics.

Beers List: Potentially Inappropriate Drugs for Elderly

Potentially Inappropriate Drugs for Elderly (Beers List). A list of drugs that may potentially be inappropriate for use in elderly patients due to their side effects. A description of the possible side effects is indicated next to each drug.

Blood Glucose Meter Comparisons

Blood glucose meters comparison chart including injection site, sample size, range, result time, calibration method, memory size, and battery type.

Neuropathic Pain Treatments

Chart with medications used to treat neuropathic pain, including diabetic peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and postherpetic neuralgia.

Smoking Cessation Therapies

Smoking cessation therapy regimens of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications used to help patients quit smoking.

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