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Active Surveillance for Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer

Is there a place for active surveillance in the management of men with intermediate-risk prostate cancer?


Adjuvant vs Salvage Radiation for Prostate Cancer Recurrence

When is it appropriate to use adjuvant radiation in patients with high-risk pathology instead of waiting for PSA to rise?

Dusting vs Basketing During Ureteroscopy

What is the top goal of ureteroscopy (URS)? 

Nocturia: A Legitimate Stand-Alone Problem

What is the take home message from the various presentations at this year's AUA annual meeting?

The Role of MRI in Prostate Cancer Management

What clinical/laboratory findings identify men for whom MRI scans are appropriate?

Biomarker Assays for Prostate Cancer Management

Should biomarker assays be an integral part of prostate cancer patient care?

Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer: An Update

What are the major challenges regarding focal therapy for prostate cancer?

The New mCRPC Drugs

What have you learned about the differences in tolerability of the newer agents, adverse event profiles, and cost?


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