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Stones Linked to Urinary Incontinence, Periodontitis

Taiwan study finds a twofold increased risk of upper urinary tract stones in patients suffering from urinary incontinence.

Bladder Cancer Risk Raised in RT-Treated Uterine Cancer Patients

Routine screening for bladder cancer may be warranted in this patient population.

NSS Offers Better Renal Function Preservation

Compared with radical nephrectomy, nephron-sparing surgery shift serum creatinine downward.

Updated Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines Announced

Shared decision-making about screening recommended for men aged 55-69 years.

Dietary Vitamin C May Lower LUTS Progression Risk

Highest intake was associated with a 46% decreased progression risk compared with the lowest intake.

Uric Acid Stones More Likely in Caucasians

Study found a 27.3% incidence in Caucasians versus 15.5% and 15.1% in African Americans and Hispanics, respectively.

Prostate Cancer Deaths Occurring at Older Ages

Median survival time from diagnosis improved by a median of 43 months from the pre-PSA to the post-PSA era.

Shock Wave Lithotripsy May Raise Hypertension Risk

SWL is an independent risk factor for hypertension in patients without CKD.

BPH-Related Acute Urinary Retention On the Rise

The incidence of emergency department visits rose 36% from 2007 to 2010 in California.

Statins Improve Kidney Cancer Surgery Outcomes

Study demonstrates improved disease-specific and overall survival.

Prostate Cancer Risk Not Elevated with Testosterone Replacement

In fact, men on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) had a lower PCa rate than men not on TRT.

Sildenafil Preserves Erectile Function in Radiotherapy Patients

Data support prophylactic use of a PDE-5 inhibitor in men receiving radiotherapy for prostate cancer.

Intermittent Prostate Cancer Chemo Beneficial

This approach can reduce adverse events without impairing efficacy.

Peyronie's Disease Treatment Promising

Collagenase injections decrease penile curvature and eases symptom bother, data show.

LUTS Not Worsened by Testosterone Replacement

Many men even experience an improvement in lower urinary tract symptoms.

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