American Transplant Congress Annual Meeting Coverage

Early Post-Transplant Readmission a Bad Sign

Death risk increased by 55% if patients are rehospitalized within 30 days of kidney transplantation.

Living Donor Size Affects Kidney Transplant Outcomes

Allograft function at one year post-transplant is more likely to be low if the donors are small.

Early Post-Transplant Readmission Linked to Frailty

Study finds a 60% increased likelihood of being hospitalized within 30 days of kidney transplant-related discharge.

Low GFR Post-Kidney Donation Not CKD

Renal function improves over time in donors, declines with chronic kidney disease.

Living Kidney Donation Declining in U.S.

Reasons may include increasing prevalence of diabetes and obesity, economic disincentives, and transplant center oversight.

Too Much Salt Raises Post-Transplant Hypertension Risk

Systolic blood pressure of 160 mm Hg or higher raised death-censored graft loss risk twofold.

Obesity Often Thwarts Living Kidney Donation

New findings could explain, at least in part, why live kidney donation has stagnated in the U.S.

Post-Transplant Dialysis Need Predicts Early Readmission

Persistent need for dialysis at discharge increased the likelihood of readmission nearly threefold, study finds.

Transplant Patient Death Risk Higher If Donors Are Smokers

Recipients of kidneys from smokers are twice as likely to die as patients who get kidneys from nonsmokers.

Living Kidney Donors Facing More Rapid Declines in Renal Function

From 2004 to 2010, the median fall in eGFR in the first year after donation grew significantly from 23.3 to 31.9 mL/min/1.73 m2.

DGF-Associated Mortality Higher in the Elderly

Delayed graft function in patients aged 70 and older increased their death risk twofold.

Immunosuppressive Drug Costs Decline, But Still Expensive

The annual per-patient cost for kidney transplant recipients dropped from $33,040 in 2007 to $18,746 in 2011.

Longer CMV Prophylaxis May Be Better

Cytomegalovirus viremia less likely with 200 rather than 100 days of valganciclovir after kidney transplantation.

Post-Transplant CMV Infection Hits GI Tract Hardest

Study characterizes cytomegalovirus infections in a large population of kidney transplant recipients.

Post-Transplant Bone Preservation Strategy Not Helpful

In a study, vitamin D and calcium supplementation for one year made no difference in bone mineral density.

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