2016 ERA-EDTA Meeting Coverage

Get the latest nephrology news and research insights from the ERA-EDTA Congress in Vienna.

First Penile Transplant in US

The 15-hour surgery took place in early May. Get the details.

Pioglitazone Use, Bladder Cancer Linked

Bladder cancer risk increases with longer duration of use of pioglitazone.

FDA Warns About Fluoroquinolones

Stronger warnings about the possible side effects of fluoroquinolones were issued by the US Food and Drug Administration.

PSA at Age 55-60 Predicts PCa ...

Baseline PSA levels in men aged 55–60 years strongly predict the future risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer (PCa).

Still Resisting EMRs? Get Tips

For the 25% of physician practices without an EMR system, here are some tips on how to move forward.

Calciphylaxis Risk Factors ID'd

Researchers have identified risk factors for calciphylaxis in hemodialysis (HD) patients that could be useful in directing the design of preventive strategies for this life-threatening condition.

Statins Protect Against Kidney Stones

Individuals who take statins may be a lower risk of kidney stone formation.

Clinical Trials in Surgery: A New ...

It is estimated that one fifth of surgical randomized treatment trials are prematurely terminated.

2016 AUA Conference

View our live coverage of the 2016 American Urological Association meeting in San Diego.

NKF 2016 Spring Clinical Meeting

Get the latest insights into chronic kidney disease care, and other nephrology topics from the National Kidney Foundation meeting in Boston.

Most Gout Inadequately Controlled

Gout is inadequately controlled in more than two-thirds of sufferers, adversely affecting their wellbeing.

New Bladder Cancer Guidelines Released

Newly released clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) may enable clinicians to provide patients with more individualized treatment.

CME: SGLT-2 Inhibitors for Type 2 ...

Increased clinical research has been focused on the sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT-2) inhibitors for the management of type 2 diabetes.

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