November is Bladder Health Month

The goal of bladder health month is to encourage individuals to engage in dialogue with their healthcare providers about their symptoms and to empower them to actively participate in their care.

Salvage Prostatectomy Beneficial

Study of men who underwent salvage radical prostatectomy for radiorecurrent prostate cancer found a 10-year rate of biochemical progression-free survival of 33%.

ADT Tied With Heart Failure

In a study, heart failure was nearly twice as likely to develop among ADT recipients compared with non-recipients.

LUGPA Annual Meeting

Check out our live coverage from the LUGPA 2018 Annual Meeting, November 1-3, 2018, in Chicago.

Live Coverage From Kidney Week

Get the latest research insights from Kidney Week 2018 in San Diego.

Marijuana May Hasten Renal Function Decline

Marijuana users with chronic kidney disease experienced a significantly greater annual decline in estimated glomerular filtration rate than non-users, study finds.

Hyperkalemia Drug May Bind Phosphate

In a study, patiromer lowered serum phosphate in patients with hyperkalemia and hyperphosphatemia.

Uric Acid Ups CKD Death Risk ...

Patients with chronic kidney disease who have hyperuricemia have a 3-fold higher risk of all-cause mortality.

Is ESCO the Future of Dialysis ...

ESCOs are accountable for clinical quality outcomes and financial outcomes.

Failure to Encrypt Costly

The case involving a major health care organization involved a laptop stolen from an employee's home and 2 lost USB devices.

Make Conversations With Patients More Meaningful ...

For valid informed consent to exist, patients have to understand the information physicians give them about a proposed treatment or procedure.

Live Coverage From ICS 2018

Live coverage from the 2018 International Continence Society Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

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