Perineural Invasion Predicts PCa Bone Metastasis

PNI in prostate biopsy specimens are associated with an 11-fold increased risk of bone metastasis.

Transperineal Biopsy Better for PCa Risk ...

It more accurately predicted the actual clinical risk category at final pathology compared with transrectal ultrasonography-guided biopsy.

Acupuncture May Ease ADT Hot Flashes

Acupuncture’s ability to stimulate endorphin production may partly explain the clinical improvements.

Predictors of Recurrent AKI Identified

The findings could aid in risk-stratifying AKI patients, guide appropriate patient referral, and help develop potential risk reduction strategies.

Testosterone Linked to Fewer Heart Attacks, ...

Men with normalized testosterone levels following TRT had significantly lower risks of heart attacks and strokes, study finds.

Preventing Diabetic Kidney Disease

A multidisciplinary team-based approach to diabetes management may help prevent complications such as diabetic kidney disease.

HIPAA: Document Policies and Procedures

Experts recommend keeping certain policies on file.

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