Kidney Stones Linked to Hyponatremia

Development of kidney stones is 6.2-fold more likely among patients with persistent hyponatremia than those without a history of hyponatremia.

MRI Prior to Initial Prostate Biopsy

MRI of the prostate prior to a biopsy of the gland improves prostate cancer detection, but insurers resist paying for it.

Apixaban Safer for Calciphylaxis

In a small study, apixaban showed promise as an alternative to warfarin in dialysis patients with calciphylaxis who require anticoagulation therapy.

Failure to Encrypt Costly

The case involving a major health care organization involved a laptop stolen from an employee's home and 2 lost USB devices.

Live Coverage From ICS 2018

Live coverage from the 2018 International Continence Society Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

PSA Screening Reduces Deaths

A study of 400,887 men in an integrated health system, the first to evaluate various PSA screening intervals and age groups, concluded that yearly screening is the interval of choice.

A Superior Option for Hydronephrosis

Percutaneous nephrostomy is associated with better outcomes than retrograde ureteral stent placement in patients with hydronephrosis secondary to ureteric stones.

Can Behavioral Economics Improve Care?

The health care field is looking to behavioral economics because of the understanding that behavior is the 'final pathway through which all of our interventions act.'

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