RPN Mostly Superior to OPN, LPN

Robotic PN was associated with significantly lower rates of complications, cancer recurrence, and mortality compared with open and laparoscopic PN.

AV Access at Hemodialysis Initiation Less ...

Study reveals 15% lower odds of arteriovenous access use at hemodialysis initiation among women vs men.

Prostate Cancer ADT Ups Thromboembolic Event ...

Pulmonary embolism is associated with GnRH agonist use and orchiectomy.

Sodium Bicarbonate for Severe Acidemia Beneficial ...

Sodium bicarbonate infusions decreased the risk of death or organ failure among ICU patients with acute kidney injury and severe metabolic acidemia.

Low T Tied to Sugary Drinks

Among men aged 20-39 years, those in the top quartile of sugar-sweetened beverage intake had 2.3-fold greater odds of low testosterone than those in the bottom quartile.

Calcified Plaques Hinder Peyronie's Disease Tx

Collagenase clostridium histolyticum therapy is associated with significantly worse improvement in penile curvature in men with calcified plaques.

Apixaban Cuts Bleeding in HD With ...

Apixaban recipients had a 28% lower risk for major bleeding compared with patients treated with warfarin.

How to Deal With 'Difficult' Patients

Clinicians can manage their emotions and behaviors to meet the challenges of working productively with sometimes abrasive and argumentative patients.

An Underappreciated Vulnerability: Medical Devices

Hackers' attempts to steal data could lead to malfunction of MRI machines, implantable defibrillators, insulin pumps, and other devices.

Boosting Revenue by Seeing More—or Fewer—Patients

Medical practices have a variety of strategies they can employ to boost revenue.

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