No Effect of Single PSA Test ...

Findings from a large study of men in the United Kingdom do not support single PSA testing for population-based screening.

Mortality Risks Higher With Febuxostat vs ...

All-cause and cardiovascular mortality risks were 22% and 34% higher among febuxostat-treated patients vs allopurinol recipients.

Keeping Patient Portals Secure

Authentication of users and where data are stored among the important considerations.

HCV Prophylaxis Could Expand Kidney Availability

In a small study, direct-acting prophylaxis against hepatitis C virus (HCV) appeared safe and well-tolerated in uninfected recipients of HCV+ kidneys.

World Kidney Day 2018 Focuses on ...

Women face unique challenges to their kidney health, including during pregnancy, according to a new report.

Hiring Medical Scribes

Among other factors, electronic medical records may be contributing to physician dissatisfaction because it leads to decreased face-to-face time with patients.

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