Transobturator Tape Outcomes for the Obese

Success and complication rates were similar among obese, severely obese, and normal-weight women.

Bladder Cancer Death Up With Blood ...

ABO blood may be useful in risk-stratification of patients who may benefit from more aggressive treatment and/or altered surveillance regimens.

Adjuvant Chemo Cuts Bladder Cancer Death ...

Cisplatin-based chemo after radical cystectomy for high-risk bladder cancer decreased the risk of death from the malignancy by 29%.

Groups Reject FDA's Testosterone Therapy Position

Two endocrinologist societies recommend that the decision to prescribe testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to hypogonadal men should be guided by signs and symptoms and testosterone levels.

Longer Dialysis Gap Raises Death Risk

Fluid overload implicated as an important risk factor for hospital admission.

Loss of Kidney Function Linked to ...

Large study shows the association is more pronounced with increasing age.

Death Risk Lower with Home Hemodialysis

Daily home hemodialysis is associated with lower risks of mortality, hospitalization, and technique failure than peritoneal dialysis.

Turning Physicians Into Effective Leaders

To be a good manager, many physicians need to learn how to be humble, a better communicator, and a good listener.

What's New in Prostate Cancer Management

Dr. Penson shares his views about key recent developments for PCa Awareness Month.

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