PIVOT Study Results Challenged

Researchers question the generalizability of a major study showing no significant difference in cancer-specific and overall survival between surgery and observation for localized prostate cancer.

Robotic, Open Cystectomy Offer Comparable Bladder ...

In a randomized study, patients who underwent robotic-assisted and open radical cystectomy had similar 2-year progression survival rates.

Tamsulosin Ineffective for Small Ureteral Stones

The passage rate for ureteral stones less than 9 mm in diameter did not differ significantly between tamsulosin and placebo recipients, study finds.

Advanced PCa Predicts More Complications

Men with advanced prostate cancer at diagnosis have an elevated risk of spinal cord compression, renal failure, and other cancer-related morbidities.

An Underappreciated Vulnerability: Medical Devices

Hackers' attempts to steal data could lead to malfunction of MRI machines, implantable defibrillators, insulin pumps, and other devices.

Boosting Revenue by Seeing More—or Fewer—Patients

Medical practices have a variety of strategies they can employ to boost revenue.

Lessons on Informed Consent

Identifying a patient's preferences and goals leads to a care plan that can reflect those goals, and this may improve patient satisfaction.

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