Mediterranean Diet Best for PCa Prevention

Study finds that closely adhering to a Mediterranean-style diet possibly protects men from aggressive and advanced prostate cancer.

High-grade PCa, Cholesterol Linked

Each 10 mg/dL increase in serum levels of total and HDL cholesterol are associated with a significant 5% and 14% increased risk of high-grade PCa, respectively.

Radical Cystectomy Offers Better Survival in ...

Chemoradiation for muscle-invasive bladder cancer is associated with a lower 1-year mortality risk versus radical cystectomy, but at year 2 and beyond, mortality risk is lower with radical cystectomy.

Patients' Voice Absent in Guidelines

Patient-centeredness should become a core component of clinical practice guidelines, according to Dr Kalantar-Zadeh.

SABR Effective for RCC

Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy is associated with high 2- and 4-year rates of local cancer control and progression-free and cancer-specific survival.

Password Sharing Common Among Doctors

No one admits to sharing passwords - a distinct and clear violation of HIPAA - but a lot of people seem to be doing it.

3D Printed Prostates Could Improve RP

New technique uses silicone-based polymer inks to create prostate models with the tactile sensation, pliability, and texture of a real prostate.

Hiring a Nurse Manager

Nurse managers have a direct impact on the quality of care provided by staff nurses.

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