AUA 2018 Live Coverage

Check out our live coverage from the American Urological Association meeting in San Francisco.

Novel Blood Test Ups Detection of ...

IsoPSA can correctly rule out high-grade prostate cancer 93% of the time and thus has the potential to reduce the number of unnecessary prostate biopsies.

TRT Safe in Prostate Cancer Patients

Findings from the largest study to date examining the effect of TRT in prostate cancer patients build on previous evidence showing that the treatment does not affect disease progression risk.

Ketorolac Superior to Opioids for Stone ...

In a study, initial treatment with ketorolac vs an opioid was associated with a shorter stay in the emergency department and lower likelihood of hospital admission.

Lessons on Informed Consent

Identifying a patient's preferences and goals leads to a care plan that can reflect those goals, and this may improve patient satisfaction.

Predictors of Adverse Pathology Post-RP Identified

High PSA levels and larger number of positive biopsy cores are associated with positive surgical margins and extracapsular extension/seminal vesicle invasion after radical prostatectomy.

USPSTF Updates PCa Screening Recs

The new statement emphasizes shared decision-making on screening for men aged 55 to 69 years who are at average risk for prostate cancer.

How Small Breaches Can Cost Millions

Health care providers are neglecting some basic precautions and thereby allowing breaches of protected health information.

Sleep Hours Tied With CKD Quality ...

Patients with chronic kidney disease who sleep 7 hours a night have the highest health-related quality of life, new study finds.

Dusting vs Basketing During Ureteroscopy

According to the EDGE Research consortium, both techniques should be in the armamentarium of the urologist.

Clinical Pharmacists Are an Option for ...

Clinical pharmacists help manage complex patients because they look at medications with a different eye than a doctor.

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